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KS Ong

DC10 - Finals Days of New Era

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I still remember some of the discussion during the Safety Briefing at MAHB that morning:-


MAHB: You only take Biman k!! ONLY BIMAN K!! Hahaha........


Us: Ok sir......


MAHB: You are not allowed to smoke but you are allowed to bring your food and drink and make sure you bring back the waste items k!! We don't want to have FOD (Foreign Object Debris).


Us: Ok sir. But sir, we need to be at the location say 45 mins or an hour to prepare. And we need to set up our camera before the arrival and so we may have to take photos of aircraft to ensure perfect setting.....


MAHB: Ok no problem. You can do so. You can enter 1 hour or so before the arrival. Our security vehicle will wait at the guard post and will lead you to the location.





Testing and compare notes in progress. No time for pep talk.....

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Since entering Satellite terminal and took a nap, we proceed to the arrival gate where the plane will be park. However, the security personal were just arriving and had our escort were no where to be seen.




We had still to wait even when people start entering the waiting hall. As a passenger, we would want to get through security as soon as possible. While from this point of view getting stranded at security, there is whole new experience watching Bangladeshi getting through their way.



Only until after Norman got a call from a security personnel , we were soon on our way getting closer ..

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Testing still not over yet..... :pardon:


I have been waiting for years to capture this one especially its fat nose...... :drinks:






Wuhuuu, finally...... :clapping:




Wuhuuu, long live fat nose....... :drinks:




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Yeah.... we were desperate to get to the tarmac for Biman arrival...

but at 1500 (STD), no AVSEC available to escort us .... so several phone calls were made...


While waiting.... we tried shooting from inside the terminal...





As you can see from the "test shots" above.... no go...


More phone calls followed.....

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Great stuff guys! That is why everyone comes to Malaysianwings! :)


KS, I am not sure what the thread title meant - I thought it was the end of an old Era. Soon there will be no more three holer pax services as KL will also retire its MD-11 fleet quite rapidly...


PH-KCK left for VCV last week...only 4 operational now (with PH-KCC used as a spare)

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Am I right in reading that magic pass has validity till Sep 2014 ?

I hope you refused to return it after your assignment :D


How I wish :D ha ha ha....

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Testing will never end until someone or the sun says 'STOP'. Hehe.....



Bravo Viktor Bravo.....



I shot this babe about 4.5 years ago. At that time she was roughly a year old. She looked new and it was her first landing in KUL if I remember correctly.





She looks tired now with her livery fading. She is becoming like her siblings at Air France. Dirty. And she has a new logo.....










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After non-stop of testing... the real Biman can be seen from a distance. You know it is a DC10 when you see a central bogie with two engine pods or an engine pod above the fuselage.

Biman 86. Clear to land Rwy 32L.



"New Era" The Last of Her Kind.








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It was an extreme privilege to be able to shoot her nose........the first and the last time........













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As soon as we got our escort , we made our way straight down to where we wanted to position our self.



Our friend here got excited when he spot the aircraft approaching towards us.






We positioned ourself and confirmed that the DC10 will be park at gate C4.







Biman DC10 seen here passing Anjung Tinjau before turning in towards us and to be parked at Gate C4.







Right after turning, the Captain seated on the right spotted us and start waving at us.






As soon as the aircraft got nearer, the sound of the engine is so good. Seriously, i've never heard such superb sound quality from any other aircraft like the Super Jumbo or the Dreamliner.

Edited by Liew Hon Kit

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Yes.... but the equipments on the tarmac to service the Diesel10 were causing a bit of a headache for us..



Nevertheless ... we just shoot in between them....


Simply amazing when she's coming face to face with you....









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Similarly happy looking Hon Kit after his nap...



a wider perspective of the a/c



ground staffs connecting GPU before the pilot shut down the engine...


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This thread surely evokes memory of the early years of MW... nice to see a lot of familar faces... and the antics still the same LOL...


BTW, great photos there...


And Azahan still make us hidung berdarah with his long zoom lens

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