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Raymond Lim

Aeroclassic & Phoenix arrivals

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Aeroclassic models landed on 2 days ago. Pictures will be post soon.


ACAAEB733VHXMO B737-300 Australian Air Express VH-XMO



ACAFLA332VPBCV A330-200 Aeroflot VP-BCV

ACAFLA332VPBLY A330-200 Aeroflot VP-BLY
ACANAF27VHFNI F-27 Ansett - ANA DC VH-FNI Restock

ACANZA320ZKOJB A320 Air New Zealand ZK-OJB

ACAUAA342OELGA A340-200 Austrian OE-LGA

ACBIMCL4GALHY CL-4 Arogonaut British Midland G-ALHY

ACBOUB732PKIJJ B737-200 Bouraq PK-IJJ (Wrong color)

ACBOUB732PKIJM B737-200 Bouraq PK-IJM (Wrong color)

ACCAFC46 C-46 China Air Force

ACCEBA333RP3341 A330-300 Cebu Pacific RP-3341

ACCORA333FHSKY A330-300 Consair F-HSKY


ACDALDC10N601DA DC-10 Delta Widget Livery N601DA

ACGIAA333PKGPD A330-300 Garuda Indonesia PK-GPD

ACHKAA320BLPD A320 Hong Kong Airlines B-LPD

ACLUHCV440DACAT CV-440 Lufthansa D-ACAT Restock

ACPALDC8PHDEL DC-8 Philippines PH-DEL Restock

ACPAMC46N67980 C-46 Pan American N67980

ACRJAA342JYAIA A340-200 Royal Jordanian JY-AIA

ACSABA342OOSCW A340-200 Sabena OO-SCW

ACSCAA332B5923 A330-200 Sichuan Airlines B-5923

ACSCAA332B6535 A330-200 Sichuan Airlines B-6535

ACTAADC6BVHINU DC-6B Trans Australia VH-INU Restock

ACUALDC10N1833U DC-10-10 United Saul Bass N1833U

ACVIRA320ELEZV A320 Virgin Atlantic EI-EZV


Phoenix models

PH04024 B747-400 JAL 'Disney Dream Express #1 JA8908

PH10782 A330-200 Air Greenland OY-GRN

PH10787 B737-800W Malaysia 9M-MXB

PH10788 B737-800W Malaysia One World 9M-MXC

PH10791 B777-300ER Garuda Indonesia PK-GIA

PH10792 B777-200ER Singapore Airlines 9V-SVO


For B737-300
BOURAQ we do have the correct color model custom made for ADF limited 100pcs each registration PK-IJD & PK-IJR. Model come with a black stand.


All models are now available at DKT.


Raymond Lim

6018-226 1133

Edited by Raymond Lim

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