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Gavin Andrew David

From the flight deck of an A380 [ Bandwidth Intensive ]

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I've a few photo's to share from the flight deck of an A380 flight simulator, to show you some insight on how things work, on one of the most advanced commercial aircraft to date.


Most of these photos are 1000px wide, for you to clearly see the markings in the cockpit and the labels of the individual buttons. Excuse the noise as these were not taken with a DSLR....


The overview....





A different perspective



OANS - Onboard Airport Navigation System



FCU - Flight Control Unit



The overhead panel.... count the number of buttons!



The center pedestal



At a take off weight of 480,000 KG, it takes only 140 knots to get this marvel of engineering into the air



Skimming the bottom of a storm cell here.



Navigating around the airport with ETACS [ External and taxiing camera system ]



The 380 has a beautiful 'Macbook' like keyboard



Before take off checklist on the E/WD [ Engine/Warning Display ]



Another great feature about this aircraft. I can use the weather radar and point it in a particular direction, and see what chaos is going on over there.



Thats all for now folks!







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I have to say....fantastic! loved that navigation display which is include airport layout (full) and override with EHSI. Nice captures, thanks for sharing Gavin.

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Here we are in Kuala Lumpur, lined up, RWY 32R, PULIP A Departure, for a very eventful two hour flight.




On the Primary flight display, we observe we have the Flaps in 1+F configuration, the Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer is set at 39.5%.


On the Navigational Display, we see the vertical profile of our climb out at the bottom, and on the top, it shows us our Standard Instrument Departure out of KUL, which is the PULIP A Departure.


Check list is seen on the Engine / Warning Display in the middle.


And below, is a quick peek outside. Staring down RWY 32R



Curious about whats on the pedestal ?



One thing that is amazing about the A380 is its Brake to vacate system which is part of ROPS [ Runway Overrun Prevention System ] = Runway Overrun Warning (ROW) + Runway Overrun Protection (ROP)


In the following example, I've landed way past the Touch down zone [ TDZ ], the the Flight computers are calculating in real time, what is needed, to come to a reasonable speed to vacate the runway.


During the roll out, When the aircraft landing gear is firmly on the runway surface, the BTV combines audio and visual prompts to the flight crew in order to achieve the calculated required deceleration to achieve the designated turnoff point. If BTV senses that the aircraft will overrun the runway end, it automatically applies maximum wheel braking, and it sends an aural message (to the flight crew) to apply maximum reverse thrust, along with a red message in the primary flight display. It continues to call out keep max reverse until the computer figures the desired turnoff point can be achieved at a safe turnoff speed


Apply Max Reverse !



Apply Max Reverse ! Apply Max Brake !




Before we come in for the approach, we select our desired exit during the roll out. With our current performance figures, the system calculates our Runway length, in this case 4000m, how far along our desired exit is, B10, 2247m down the runway, and lastly our Runway Occupancy Time [ ROT ] , which is 60 seconds



Interested in anything in particular about the A380 ? Or about these simulators ?


Drop a comment and I'll try to answer your question, to the best of my knowledge


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fuahh... bloooody modern cockpit . Are those feature standard on the A380 or do operators have options to get or not get them.

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My 'dreamed' cockpit ......... I was informed that A350's cockpit is very much nicer ........ I missed the Airbus, even the 'classic' A330/340 are certainly better than any 'B' products.


Just sayin' ........



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Hi ChrisJong,

This particular device is owned by Thai Airways. The going rate to fly in a Level - D simulator is amazingly high. The best price I've seen is the one by Malaysia Airlines, which lets you have a go at it for RM500.


There are no more than 15 A380 simulators in the world, and with each of these costing a cool 20 - 25 mil USD, its not easy for an airline to own one either.

This is stupendously awesome. what sort of backend equipment to run all these Gav? To run the graphics alone u need a powerful rig


To run the visual system, we have , as you can imagine, ample amount of processing power and graphic generating equipment in the background.


Rockwell Collins have built their own ' Scene Processors ' that are specifically suited for only these sort of simulation visuals.


To run the simulation itself, approx 16 computers, a mix of Single Board computers and 3U workstations running the entire simulation.

My 'dreamed' cockpit ......... I was informed that A350's cockpit is very much nicer ........ I missed the Airbus, even the 'classic' A330/340 are certainly better than any 'B' products.


Just sayin' ........




I can't say the A350 is much nicer.. But you'll see it eventually :)

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