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Beautiful Cockpit Photos

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Found these beautiful pics on the web -- http://abduzeedo.com/photographs-awesome-cockpits





Photographs Of Awesome Cockpits


Fri, 12/07/2012 - 14:40

One of the coolest things when I was a kid was the possibility to visit an airplane's cockpit. All the buttons and the pilots using it were pretty awesome, but the outside view was always breathtaking. Unfortunately today no one is allowed to visit anymore.

But for all of you who dig an awesome cockpit, here's a selection I've made for you. These are some pretty sweet cockpits, from all kinds of aircrafts... from space shuttles to zeppelins. These were taken by some really talented photographers. For more of their pictures you must check their portfolios simply by clicking each picture. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Gost Ridr


Walter Scriptunas II


Jens Juengling


Dave Wilson


Clifford Martin


John Bjerregaard


Marco Ranieri


Chema Ocaña


Raul Marquez


Marc Edwards


James Keenan


Denis Roschlau


Tomasz Szulczewski


Edward Dullard


Richard Lau


Greg Booher


Angelo Bufalino


Juan Carlos Porcella


David Wilson


About the author

I'm Paulo Gabriel, a Publicist by degree and Designer by passion with a taste for the meaningful and emotional. Here at Abduzeedo, I always try to bring you only amazing content, things that mean something for me and for those around me. For my latest content follow me on Twitter: @paulogabriel. ;)





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Awesome photo! thanks for sharing!

Just wonder what setting used to capture both inside and outside of the cockpit, day or night! Anyone?


Most of the photos are heavily edited, mostly HDR I guess.


As for a single shots, it is quite hard as you will have to expose for inside lighting, which will wash out the exterior, or expose for the outside leaving the cockpit as too dark. The other options will be to use a flash, and/or wait until the outside condition is more favorable, which is mostly during dawn and dusk.

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Amazing shots !!


Really curious what aircraft is this ?


EDIT: Heh .. just noticed while typing ... there's an image of a blimp in the lower screen :)


Timothy: This is a Zeppelin cockpit. Quote from the source picture "The cockpit of the Farmers Airship, also known as the Eureka, as it flies over Fort Worth, Texas. Captain Kate Board is the only female Zeppelin pilot in the world." At first I thought this is the cockpit of the Zeppelin NT of Airship Ventures.

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Great set of shots. Any idea of the type for the second photo?


For an outside shot of the Airship Ventures Zeppelin NT, type "N704LZ" into google images or airliners.net



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