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Avionics: The Day They Changed

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Hi all,


Having done my final year project looking at aerospace projects, I've been intricately interested in the way instruments relay information to the pilots. This was outside my scope of study ( was more towards lean manufacturing etc) but now that's its summer for me I guess this may as well be the best time to kick things off :D


For example, on airspeed indicators, planes such as the spitfire and DH-106 Comet used what we have now on our car dashboards, the circular meter




But on modern aircraft (military or commercial) it's the speed tape: Pic below with full credits to fellow forumer TK





So when did people start moving towards this new method of displaying information , and has it been an improvement over the old method ?


I've started this thread in hope of further input and will continue updating as I start digging :) Planning to visit all the aviation museums in the UK during my last month here :)

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