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Malaysia Airlines PINTAR Program

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Sorry what's PINTAR? :pardon:


yo bro, PINTAR as follows:


PINTAR – Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility – is a collaborative social responsibility initiative by the GLCs and private corporations in Malaysia to foster academic excellence particularly for the underprivileged and underserved students nationwide.


The PINTAR programme provides a foundation for Malaysia’s younger generation to achieve excellence. Through its programmes and support of companies, it is envisioned that the children of PINTAR will grow to become future leaders of the country.


Developed with the objective of mutual engagement between companies and schools, PINTAR has, at the heart of its programme, the participating companies’ support and ongoing employee participation in the spirit of volunteerism to reach out and extend assistance by way of human capital development. Through PINTAR, we hope to inspire and motivate young Malaysians to excel in education and to groom them to become well-rounded individual and responsible citizens in society. The involvement of the companies in PINTAR goes beyond a one-off financial contribution but instead they actively participate in more meaningful programmes and activities.


Various projects were undertaken including engagement sessions with parents and school teachers, remedial and extra tuition classes for underprivileged students, nutrition programmes, motivation courses, counseling clinics and skills building workshops. These efforts have thus far been well received by the schools and students involved.

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