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Sri Ramani K.

KUL 32R in 2011

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Quick post and i'm so sleepy now...


Let the pictures do the talk...


"it's here"....


While talking to the authority, I miss the landing...



"Follow Me" truck at front, come the size...



This is how Gate C-27 look like...



F/O with UAE flag and Captain with Malaysia flag with their respective nationality.



EK already tapping Dubai market with Dugong, "Kuala Lumpur" is resting after Hajj season.



Before turning to C-27






Unfortunate, A380 almost ready to depart, then someone 'politely' told us "Tolong Beredar".

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Great pictures! Looks like the weather was good for the occasion! Shame the missing lawn-mower in KLIA still hasnt been found... I suggest MWings spotters organise with MAHB a lawn mowing contract, then we'll have potentially one of the best spotting locations - runway side!

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Speaking of lawn mower service, we really need one for the road leading to riverside spot. the current road... well, if you can call it a road... will definitely leave marking on car paint once you choose to access the spot by car. here is a photo taken yesterday, on the way out. this is already the part there the "road" condition is much better.



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