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Georg Burdicek

Air France A330 F-GZCP Flight AF447 GIG-CDG Crashed Into the Atlantic Ocean All 228 POB Killed

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Air France crash 'due to pilot and technical failure'


Technical failure and human error led to the loss of an Air France flight over the Atlantic in June 2009 and the deaths of 228 people, according to the final report into the crash.


The report by France's aviation authority, the BEA, says the crew did not react correctly after the Airbus A330 had technical failures.


It blames the Airbus A330's ergonomics as well as inappropriate pilot action.


The jet disappeared from radars while en route to Paris from Rio de Janeiro.


It took nearly two years for the flight recorders to be found.


The report makes 25 new safety recommendations on top of the 25 called for in a preliminary report released last year by the BEA.


That report also said the pilots did not follow the proper procedures after the aircraft's speed sensors - called Pitot tubes - failed after the plane encountered turbulence two hours after take-off.


The plane stalled and lost altitude and the captain did not retake control of the plane after taking a rest.


One of the mistakes of the crew was to point the nose of the aircraft upwards after it stalled, instead of down.


Manslaughter claims

Investigators have found fault with both Airbus and Air France, sparking a row between the two firms over their accountability for the crash.


Both companies are under investigation by French magistrates for alleged manslaughter.


A separate judicial report will be released next week. This is also expected to echo Thursday's report by the BEA, the French news agency AFP says.


Since the crash, Air France has replaced the speed sensors on its fleet of Airbus jets - made by the French firm Thales - with a newer model.


The wreckage of the plane was discovered after a long search of 10,000 sq km (3,860 sq miles) of sea floor.


After 23 months of searching, robot submarines finally found the flight "black box" recorders last year.


Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk...europe-18720915

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