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ANA B744 hit turbulence

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Just when you thought it's over....




ANA B744 on Oct 1st 2008, hit turbulence, injures 9 people

By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Oct 3rd 2008 16:26Z, last updated Friday, Oct 3rd 2008 16:26Z


An All Nippon Airways Boeing 747-400, registration JA8099 performing flight NH121 from Tokyo Haneda to Okinawa (Japan) with 564 passengers, encountered clear air turbulence while cruising at FL390 over the Pacific Ocean near Kochi. The captain had already turned off the fasten seat belt signs and flight attendants were working in the aisles, when the airplane got caught in the unexpected turbulence and threw the flight attendants onto passengers. 6 passengers and 3 cabin crew suffered minor injuries, mainly to the head and back.


The flight crew decided to continue the flight and landed safely in Okinawa about 1.5 hours later, where the injured received medical treatment.


Lucky. Only minor injuries...

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