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13 Chinese hurt in turbulence in China Airlines flight in Indonesia

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Denny, just wondering... if Taiwanese needs to pay for ambulance charges? Seems like the ambulance from the picture above belongs to an "ambulance" business entity.

In Taiwan, ambulance services are normally operated as follow:

1. Gov't services - Hospital, EMT (under jurisdiction of Min of Interior), armed forces (their families are entitled to call this).

2. NGO such as Tzu-chi foundation, Fo-guang Buddhist foundation, etc.

3. Private co. as per seen in picture.


The first 2 categories are free services. For medevac services, usually this is run by private co. and they either use their own or sub-contract ambulances from other co.


On the road, there is no one type of standard ambulance vehicle...they're 3 type:

- well-equipped (ICU equipment onboard)

- with EMT logo - these are adequately equipped to deal with road accidents/injuries, etc

- no equipment - usually these are for transporting patients leaving hospital to home.

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