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  1. Fine, KLIA can't be compared to changi because of etc etc. But seriously KLIA got so much potential to beat many top 10 airports, example Incheon, narita and hong kong. Problem with KLIA is, they never improve nor keep their infrastructure up to date. Check-in counters are still the same for God knows how long. At least patch up, put some wooden floors like incheon or change the dull coloured tiles. Airport lighting can be quite dim especially @ MTB international dep hall. And clearly, there is a lack of F&B outlets especially after 9pm. Also recently, many retail outlets, cafes, and even CIMB bank closed. I thought it was due to renovation. But upon enquiring, they say its totally closed down. Wonder for what reason? Anyone to enlighten? Another thing, the " Purple Carpet " @ MTB departure hall is so dull... Its just simply hideous. If it belongs to someone, MAB should instruct them to remove it asap. Toilet side, yes they seriously improved a lot. Kudos to that, but the toilet bowl flush is so strong it can wet your shoes/trousers. And the toilet still got that funny smell. Wonder what detergent they are using. No doubt users are largely to be blamed also. BTW, The most beautiful and comfortable airport toilets i've experienced is not even Changi. That title belongs to Jakarta New Terminal & Bali.
  2. Cut cost, cut corners, one person do 4 persons job. Low cost everywhere, even full service also low cost style. Very high competition plus the citizen are not willing to pay for a normal rm400-600 1-2 hour return flight. This downgrade thing, is just waiting to happen. Well its at our doorstep now. No surprises. By the way, i don't think its Caam. They have improved a lot and are doing a fairly good job. Its the airlines, citizen and government.
  3. Nahh, i looked at the entire group including other non malaysian LCC in T2 ( i meant total T2 ops ), which is to be fair, a fairly moderate operation. Not many airlines/operators to deal with. What they have is more of multiple frequencies... per destination. Nothing extra really, pretty straight forward operations to me. Of course you are always entitled to your own views 🙂 which is cool
  4. Maybe yes but the total number of airline operators in T1 will still surpass T2. And , the total number of destinations for Traffic in T1 is way more than T2 for ATC to handle, that's for sure. Care to enlighten how red hat's operations is more complex? How can that be 😂
  5. Haha they don't know ATR maintain 240kts until 7-10 miles final. Over the radio " aihh slow aircraft ". During climb maybe but nah not on descent and approach mate. You maintain your 250kts strictly below 10. Ok la rwy closure not 1 month, but still closure 2-3 weeks. It was notamed 🤣but as you can see no one makes a noise. Not even in news like " RWY 3 ". Other than that yes its true mahb can do a lot of improvements on T2 side. That i agree also. But publicity like that is a no no.
  6. This runway 33/15 closure shouldn't be an issue at all. On normal days even with all x3 runways in use we can clearly see Airasia planes ( even at peak ) hours taxing all the way from T2 to runway 14L/32R. Literally One end of the world to the other end, causing delays to other T1 traffic and unnecessary workload for ATC. This is the most unprofessional culture airasia can do. I don't blame their crew etc. But the working culture they have is very unprofessional. Have we ever seen T1 traffic using runway 33/15? Unless due to bad weather, never. When runway 32L/32R was closed, i want to ask, do we see MH, OD or any other operators complaining? No. And airasia got the face to cancel flights and blame it on runway closure? Unbelievable. All stakeholders would have been informed and meetings/agreements settled before the closure of that so called " runway 3 " . Mind you LHR and Changi only have x2 runways with even greater traffic volume. Airasia should reconsider their publicity stunts. Very cheap.
  7. Isn't that already and is happening? Look easily 20-30 years ago i believe 60-70% of BN2 and DHT Otter routes went extinct. Roads are surfacing everywhere. This is an ongoing thing. And now they are building the pan borneo highway, after that its just a matter of time isn't it?... but for the next 15-20 years, while waiting, how are people in rural areas going to be connected? And a study must be made, considering the very small and greatly scattered population of sarawak... is it cheaper to built and continuously maintain " interior roads " just for a few thousand population OR to fly them? Maintaining miles and miles of roads also cost a lot and remember east malaysia is toll free. Of course for this they have to do some studies. And btw as far as i understand MW & MH are both separate entities. They have their own profit and lost report. MH does not support MW in terms of $ anyway. So why the worry? Instead MW is an added bonus for MH. Isn't it?
  8. Asfaik, they did tried. One operator even put floats on the Bell206 for island transfers. Operating sea planes will be very expensive. A maldivian air taxi 30-40min return flight needs USD300-USD450 PER pax. I don't believe we have the number of " Premium Tourist" to operate scheduled flights on sea planes. Look at BKI its LCC paradise. The pax we have in malaysia are the rm80 per flight on LCC. We have "premium tourist" but they are very very scarce. The last thing i remembered the bell206 floats were seen hanging on the wall. Looks expired and u/s to me lol.
  9. Am not sure but maybe they do. After all, for RAS ops you will need a lot of funding. The basic LCC business model will not work for RAS. I believe we all recall FAX, they fail to serve borneo also, every day flights after flights got canceled. 10 passengers flight cancel. In the end borneo people themselves wants FAX to be out. Like now TWU-KCH flights... airasia bug out just like that. RAS is RAS like it or not you can hardly if not never make $ out of it.
  10. Its a CAAM requirement to have x2 pilots for any revenue flights in malaysia. Fyi, viking, nomad and kingairs are all single pilot ops aircraft. But even Prima air langkawi cessna caravan has x2 man crew due to the regulation. And yes to operate SE aircraft inland above dense jungle requires a basic x3 days jungle survival training. Or if over water, to don life jackets at all times. Plus signing indemnity forms. Flying dr services are mainly conducted with twin engine helicopters namely as355, bo105 and ec145. Bell206 will have some restrictions.
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