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  1. " Inter city road in Sabah & Sarawak has been neglected on purpose "... that part might be controversial, really. Gov can simply say, why do we need to build huge highways when the population in east malaysia is rather small and scattered. Just look at KK, SDK, BTU and even KCH so many white elephants... buildings, malls even houses. I mean this is where regional turboprops & regional jets come into play. Looking at New Zealand, and most european countries, even USA thats what people normally do. Don't see them operating A320s and B737s for BKI-SDK/BKI-TWU sectors. Sure they still do, but at a very scarce frequency. Most of their frequency throughout the day will be operated by "regionals". American eagle, colgan air, air NZ ATR, Qantas Link Dash-8s etc etc... btw almost all of them are subsidised. If not subsidised... regionals will become a " FAX " ? Yes... that old Fly Asian Xpress. Thats what Maswings used to do, give east malaysians the frequency. BKI-SDK x5 flights a day vs Redcap only x3 flights a day. Worst, after redcap took over there is no BKI-SDK-BKI flights in the late evenings nowadays, causing lots of trouble to the locals and business community. Right? People miss maswing right? Any sandakan and tawau people here wants to respond thats why they need the ATRs. Coz late evenings you might only have 20 pax... but that 20pax need to fly, and they matter. On MH really, medivac is not the only the thing they do. They also carry human remains ( there is a special rack for it ), they also carry hospital X-ray materials (there is also a special place and rack for it, to keep distance and shelter it from pax and baggages), and industrial equipment that AFAIK only MH and the cargo players can handle. All these things, they fly between east and west malaysia, yes almost on a daily basis. Not only within malaysia but also to all the international routes. AirAsia is fine, they are doing a great job flying the average malaysian salaryman from point A to point B with a few pos cargo. Thats great. But are they willing to install and invest on special equipment, collapsable seats, and " dedicated cargo area " that WILL require them to sacrifice baggage compartment on all their pax aircrafts? Are they also willing to invest on staff training and certification for all the things mentioned. I doubt so, and i also dont think their business model allows it. At the end of the day, AirAsia & Malindo is great, they really are good. But, the 20pax matters & the " national airline " still matters.
  2. The difference is, now we have " Social Media ". See how people out of the blue suddenly panicked? During SARS government can do their job more collectively. Nowadays SOP is one thing but the need to please the public via social media is a very big " thing " too. 😂
  3. Well asfaik... even the VIP fleet is being used at its minimum. VIP planes are being retired without replacements. Also as in the papers, noticed how many times our Royals started to use commercial flights lately? Nowadays, quite often you see them on board MH .This was quite normal in the 80s and 90s etc, but for the past 15 years or so gov VIPs ( not royals ) tend to use gov aircrafts more often. Whatever it is, I am sure as of now, VIPs are using their preveleges within their entitlement.
  4. What i can say is that, as of now MH is so small it has No crew, No aircraft & No Cash. Plus the already limited support from our government. Dont forget most gov contracts were passed on to AirAsia. Example, government servants now flies on airasia. The only aircraft MH can deploy now are the A380 which burns roughly " 11 Tones of fuel per hour". Send that to Wuhan to rescue a mere 140+ people and it will cause public outcry and a massive PR failure for the Pakatan Harapan government. Even In the beginig, the MINDEF dont even want to send A400M, they simply cant afford A400M. Government only proposed C130, imagine how poor is the government? Of course china dont allow any military aircraft, so airasia it is. Also don't forget the DAILY contributions our national airline provides to this country. MH and Mwings (stretcher case) are the only x2 airlines in malaysia that can carry various " dangerous goods ", human remains, hospital radioactive substance, stretcher patients etc etc list goes on, the other being RMAF only. Previous contributions includes 1st gulf war evacuation in Saudi etc...
  5. Perhaps 🤔 if MAB JV JAL. Maybe MAB can nego further to have some sweet Haneda slots? Or hey, maybe a base there.
  6. FYI, in malaysia uniforms were made mendatory. Other countries may differ slightly. Also yes thr crew travel with both gendec (to clear immigration) and boarding pass ( for insurance ) here.
  7. Asfaik, Crew should wear their full uniform in terminal & to go through immigration in KL for identification purposes. They travel with " gen dec ", and don't chop passports like passengers do.
  8. Since we have no choice at the moment, for immediate heli support. The lease or buy option from civilian are as below: Current EC225LP of MHS Aviation: 1 MHS AVIATION BHD EC225LP 9M-SPI 2 MHS AVIATION BHD EC225LP 9M-SPE 3 MHS AVIATION BHD EC225LP 9M-SPF 4 MHS AVIATION BHD EC225LP 9M-SPG 5 MHS AVIATION BHD EC225LP 9M-SPH There are also x4 AS332 of MHS aviation that is still for sale. 1 MHS AVIATION BHD AS332L2 9M-SPD 2 MHS AVIATION BHD AS332L2 9M-SPC 3 MHS AVIATION BHD AS332L1 9M-STV 4 MHS AVIATION BHD AS332L2 9M-SPB Ex-awan inspirasi EC225LP, seems that 2 of the ex awan inspirasi EC225LP are probably still in Miri. Both has been re-registered as... 1 EC225LP ex-9M-AIM now N225XT 2 EC225LP ex-9M-AI0 now N225RT Expensive deal for not getting proper S-92 in the beginning... now gotta make do with the Puma family then. Wonder how long these Super Pumas have been stored. Perhaps since the great " puma embargo "... might be up in the air soon. Repainted TUDM.
  9. Most probably they are the bki-nrt crew from previous night. They do bki-nrt then immediate as a passenger back to kul...
  10. https://www.change.org/p/civil-aviation-authority-remove-the-airbus-225-super-puma-from-service
  11. Hey oil rig workers even made a petition and demonstration not to fly on the Super Pumas... Also talked to x2 ex nuri pilots, both my friends, they have complete confidence in the bird over Super pumas. Guess whos the real flying coffin now? But of course to get replacement parts for Nuri is a daunting task... very limited. I believe it was political, that they chose the french equipment. Like i said, to me it was a grave mistake they didn't take the S-92.
  12. Oh yeah on another note. RMAF used to operate x2 classic Pumas in the early 90s. If yall recall they lost 1 puma due to complete rotor separation on Dec 1993. The chopper was otw to pick up the then Deputy PM. Given the black history of eurocopter puma, super puma & super cougar... i wonder why RMAF opt to buy them. They look good yes, but given me a choice to fly on a puma vs a 737max. 737max anytime buddy. Sad thing, RMAF should have went for the S-92!
  13. They are considering to lease awan inspirasi and MHS super pumas now, which are originally grounded. Great, dump a dubbed " flying coffin " for another "real flying coffin". Great just great... do remember 1 of the years, i believe it was 2/3 years ago. Non of our RMAF super cougars aka EC725 took part in national parade, due to worldwide grounding. Heard, their ops hours / battle readiness are now also very limited due to extensive engineering inspection requirement... exactly like B787s. And we go and dump the Nuris... I give up Sirs. All the best. Cheers 🤐 The super cougars/ civilian Super pumas were the airline version of 737MAX ! And now they are the equivalent to 787 unreliability...fingers crossed. Personally, I know a number of ex awan inspiradi super puma pilots... guess what? The younger co pilots are doing their license conversion for fix wing as we speak. And RMAF considering to lease those choppers now.
  14. Fine, KLIA can't be compared to changi because of etc etc. But seriously KLIA got so much potential to beat many top 10 airports, example Incheon, narita and hong kong. Problem with KLIA is, they never improve nor keep their infrastructure up to date. Check-in counters are still the same for God knows how long. At least patch up, put some wooden floors like incheon or change the dull coloured tiles. Airport lighting can be quite dim especially @ MTB international dep hall. And clearly, there is a lack of F&B outlets especially after 9pm. Also recently, many retail outlets, cafes, and even CIMB bank closed. I thought it was due to renovation. But upon enquiring, they say its totally closed down. Wonder for what reason? Anyone to enlighten? Another thing, the " Purple Carpet " @ MTB departure hall is so dull... Its just simply hideous. If it belongs to someone, MAB should instruct them to remove it asap. Toilet side, yes they seriously improved a lot. Kudos to that, but the toilet bowl flush is so strong it can wet your shoes/trousers. And the toilet still got that funny smell. Wonder what detergent they are using. No doubt users are largely to be blamed also. BTW, The most beautiful and comfortable airport toilets i've experienced is not even Changi. That title belongs to Jakarta New Terminal & Bali.
  15. Cut cost, cut corners, one person do 4 persons job. Low cost everywhere, even full service also low cost style. Very high competition plus the citizen are not willing to pay for a normal rm400-600 1-2 hour return flight. This downgrade thing, is just waiting to happen. Well its at our doorstep now. No surprises. By the way, i don't think its Caam. They have improved a lot and are doing a fairly good job. Its the airlines, citizen and government.
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