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  1. The two survivors were not injured, they walked off unscathed.
  2. Looking at the picture it seems it's not your typical ground vehicle bumping and denting an aircraft. The left wing appears to have sliced right through the roof pillars of the vehicle at a high speed. If tower cleared the a/c to land while the vehicle was still on the runway then this is a serious safety oversight. Somebody up in the tower could have been sleeping on the job unaware of the ground vehicle. Either that or the vehicle strayed onto the runway, which is also a serious safety oversight. If anyone can dig up past NOTAM of the airfield to see if there's any mention of runway closure/repair work it would shed some light on how this may have happened.
  3. On the revenue side, MAB is still plagued by relatively poor booking class mix year after year, the sheer size of the lower classes bring the average down. They are still selling hard and not selling smart. It's a brute force approach on the market instead of a surgical one. Low penetration rate of internet bookings also compounds the problem with high cost of sales. Also non-fuel costs are not as low as they wished it to be.
  4. You're missing the point. You're speaking as if all the four seats are taken on most flights. You'd be surprised how much revenue F does NOT bring if you're privy to the numbers... Truth is, so-called VVIPs aren't very important in the bigger scale of airline revenue generation. If they flock to OALs' so be it. Sooner or later F cabin will be non-existent anyway ;)
  5. In its current state do you think MAB really want (or need) to increase budget on revamping cabin and IFE? There's very limited competition ex-Subang. If one carrier raises fares yet impact on passenger volume is minimal, it won't take long for the other to follow suit and increase fares too. Who wouldn't want a boost in revenue from higher yields, especially when your neighbour is enjoying it and breaking even with an easier to achieve load factor. Looks like the CEO is in a loss-mitigating mode. Wonder if he's got a clue what direction to take. There is a need to fix the base business, and strings of promos isn't a healthy way to do it like what we've seen this year. Perhaps Khazanah should look East at JAL, or just let go of MAB and let it operate like a business. The A350 really shouldn't have that coffin-style space-wasting First class and it is one of the wasted opportunity for more revenue.
  6. You can see in the pictures burn marks from pitot heat on the pitot tube covers. Wasp problems aside how did the covers go missed during the walkaround?
  7. Khalil, Suzanne and Chris need to have their own thread, who knows when they put their heads together they could come up with some mind blowing strategies to fix everything that's wrong in the world of commercial aviation (and perhaps to find solutions to their never ending feud) just so that not every thread degenerates into their long-standing petty argument.
  8. 1Malaysia is no longer relevant to MH branding now.
  9. Actually once 131 lands in SUB after circling until midday pax are to make their own onward arrangements to AKL for them to catch the 130 back to KUL.
  10. The Aerotrain is not really a train in its true sense. It's got rubber wheels and the track guides its direction. The fact that there's less moving parts i.e no rails shows MAHB's attitude to maintenance of the trains. Haven't they got a spare train?
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