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  1. From the discussion so far, it looks like the J Class hard product is already behind the 8 ball from the word go. MH Sales/Marketing Dept should go into overdrive to sell the soft product, seeing that Skytrax has just released their survey results. Lets hope that MH never looses the category of Best Cabin Staff again.


    Coupled with the Best Signature Dish, they should be able to pull something out of the bag...hopefully....


    Then in 3 years time, rip the seats out and upgrade them, and reinstate 34" in Y class ....;-)

  2. No worries bro. These moves are almost nothing compared to the stuff test pilots do on proving flights, and even post MRO C or D check. The bird can take it, and much more. Mileage wise, you'd have to see the entire test schedule. But for airplanes, I wouldnt wanna take delivery of any aircraft with '0' on the odometer. In fact, my comfort level increases with the amount of G's the bird has been taken through without damage. You know how it is, bumper kereta tercabut, can always park tepi jalan and curse that proton dealer. If anything were capable to be tercabut on an airplane, I'd want it to come off before i pay.


    If damage, MAS will be fully compensated and any dings are borne by Airbus before transfer of title is concluded.


    No biggie. In fact, i believe the publicity MAS gained on this little exercise far outweighs the additional cycle (if any above normal proving schedule).


    OT but slightly On topic - a few months ago Embraer even did a world tour with one of Frontier's E190s pre-delivery. All part of the plan, and it is all priced in (certain discounts were on offer due to the use) but won't be disclosed. So its a fairly normal thing for a/c pre-delivery to be used for publicity.


    Thanks for the reply.


    Haha! Seems like the RR TotalCare agreement is similar to QF's 'power by the hour' agreement with RR. In that case, AJ should have asked Airbus to demo a powerback using the #2 and 3 engines. FOD damage? Hello RR - tolong repair, OK? ;-) Mana tau, in case KUL-LHR needs to divert to AOR (my home airport la) one day and there isn't a tug powerful enough in AOR.


    Last sentence was meant in jest la. Not even sure if AOR's runway is long/wide enough to handle a A380....

  3. It seems the Airbus test pilots have taken the second bird out for some fun before she enters service :)




    Alamak, ini macam if the Airbus pilots 'tekan minyak' before delivery and add a few cycles to the airframe... is it a good tradeoff between publicity for MH and the aircraft's logbook? The infamous B707 barrel roll comes to mind......


    I mean, if I were to purchase a brand new car, I would expect to have near to 0 on the odometer (save for the car being driven up and down the cargo ship).


    I assume the formal handover has yet to take place, as she still wears an "F" reg. Touch wood, what would happen if a tailstrike were to occur? Can MAS say to JLeahy "Dude, your flyboys dinged my brand new plane, I tak mau this one, gimmie a new one......"


    Just thinking outside the box la.


    BTW, this is my first post, so please be gentle sikit la with the flamethrowers....as I quickly don my triple layer Nomex suit..... ;-)

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