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  1. it depends on the captain. when i used to work at an airport in london, it is commonly known that pilots smoke in the cockpit while the aircraft is on the tarmac but not while it is in the air. my friend said that sometimes he has to go landside to smoke and sometimes he could just smoke in the cockpit. when the captain lights up his ciggie in the cockpit, that's the green light i guess ^^
  2. do you think it has something to do with streamlining operation and sales since KA is operating to two other ports in MY?
  3. happy to see more and more 787s operating to KUL
  4. mas schedule to LHR is out http://airlineroute.net/2016/04/18/mh-747-s16update1/ Malaysia Airlines in last Friday’s schedule update has loaded planned Boeing 747-400 International operation, currently scheduled in May and June 2016. The re-introduction of Boeing 747-400 aircraft is assigned on Kuala Lumpur – London Heathrow route, operating twice weekly from 16MAY16 to 27JUN16. MH004 KUL0950 – 1635LHR 380 x13 MH004 KUL0950 – 1635LHR 744 13 MH002 KUL2315 – 0555+1LHR 380 D MH003 LHR1155 – 0745+1KUL 380 D MH001 LHR2145 – 1750+1KUL 380 x13 MH001 LHR2145 – 1750+1KUL 744 13
  5. yea.. would be great if someone here can share some info on the operational flight nos and dates..
  6. thanks for your clarification..i definitely looking forward to optiontown upgrade option email. cheers
  7. well it as not even offered at check in. i took the value pack for my aunt which includes baggage (20kg), a meal and seat selection.. i shall accompany my aunt to check-in and see if the option is offered
  8. indeed.. given a choice, i would take Malindo anytime.. just bought a one way ticket to MEL for my aunt for RM801 including value pack (with baggage allowance 20kg, a meal (not specified what you are going to have) and seat selection). does anyone know if D7 still offers the upgrade to premium flat seats option for certain amount of money at check-in? i did not stumble upon any options while purchasing the ticket.
  9. anyone received email informing about revised baggage fees?
  10. anyone here departed from CPH before on mid or long-haul flights? i heard from some crew friends (EK and SQ) that the Danish will practically empty the carts, not a single drop of water/alcohol is left. it is a dreadful route for most FAs. is that the case?
  11. or you can head into town for some delicious local food. plenty of restaurants serving halal food nearby ben thanh market.
  12. thanks for the info. managed to take the advantage of BI's 787s regional flights couple of years ago. let's hope VN will change their mind and deploy these birds to KUL
  13. hopefully they will operate their A350 on regional flights to KUL for flight crew familiarisation
  14. Mr. Mueller is already drawing out his claws
  15. a quick search on their website shows RM484 rtn. fare.. (cheapest available Economy Promo fare) that is a bit too steep to compete with other players with more frequencies plying daily
  16. and hot tea the flight was pretty much uneventful with smooth landing
  17. i totally agree with you Kenneth. Flew on their KUL-SGN rtn. this month and the crew hardly smiled to pax in YCL. The way beverages and food were offered was also not in the most polite manner "You want coffee?" (quite loud and monotonous) maybe it is because of their limitation in speaking English but more training should be provided.
  18. Finally, an upgraded product with all aisle access. Time for MH to improvise on their product soon. Korean Air has revealed its next-generation business class, dubbed the Prestige Suite, and also says a new first class suite is on the way. The Prestige Suite extends to a fully-flat bed and adopts a staggered 2-2-2 layout so that each passenger enjoys suite-like privacy along with easy access to the aisle. Source: http://www.ausbt.com.au/photos-korean-air-s-new-prestige-suite-business-class
  19. quite a good price to try WY on the KUL-SIN sector since I don't see myself flying on WY on the longer sectors in the near future
  20. can the flight be priced yet? how much is nett? can't seem to see Singapore as a destination with KUL as departure city.
  21. any promotion from KUL to MLE with Mega Maldives then?
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