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  1. Hi! A couple of photos from my trip to LUX and FRA. These are from LUX. Hope you like them. Thank you for comments.
  2. Hi! Name: Keishi Nukina Location: Slovakia, Nitra Eq.: 350D+18-55+55-200 Occupation: Student Age: 16
  3. Hi! Here is a little review of my short, unplanned (booked 16h ahead) trip to London for a couple of hours. Highlight was surely the Silverjet for me. I hope you like them. Any comments are welcome. Regards, Keishi
  4. Hi all! Next time I go to see my grandma to Japan, I would like to do a short spotting sidetrip to somewhere in Asia, and airports that came to my mind were KUL, SIN, HKG, PEK or BKK. Can you please tell me, how is spotting at those airport if I wont have car? Therefore the spots need to be easily accessible either by bus or on foot. Also, if you have any other suggestion for an airport in that area, feel free to write it here. Thank you very much. All the best in 2008, Keishi
  5. Hi! Thanks for nice comments everybody... I'm glad you liked the photos... I will add more today or tomorrow... As for the VIE nightshot, I think it was 15sec exposure, and Pieter yes, they were taken from the mound, which I think locals call roundabout spot, as it is located behind a roundabout. Regards, Keishi
  6. Hi all! Few days ago, I got home from my trip to Madrid, so here are first photos. First one is nightshot from Vienna on 27/12. More will follow. Enjoy, I hope you like them.
  7. Hi all! These days, I was trying to develop a MS Access database for aviation enthusiasts and spotters and mainly to suit my needs. What do you think about it? It's just what's already done. Do you think it would be worth releasing for download from internet? I am planning to add also: *Flight Statistics *Aircraft Sightings, not only photos *Safety Cards If you have any other suggestion, how to make the DB more attractive, write them here. Thank you very much. Cheers, Keishi. Screenshots: Adding Data: Browsing Photos:
  8. Hi! Today, I have only one photo of you. As I was awaiting approach of this machine, I heard, that it has delay of one hour, so I went to buy something to drink. While I was returning to the spot, I heard sound of props! Guess what they belonged to. You're right. Antei. So no approach shot possible, so I went to P3, hoping they will park it in front of it. Damn! I saw it taxiing to the new apron, which you can see from P4, so I quickly rushed there, but I wasn't hoping for good photo, as I thought, it will be obstructed. But fortunately they put stairs from the other side. This is best photo, I was able to get. I'm quite satisfied.
  9. That heli is Mil Mi-24 and the las picture is L-39 Albatros... Thanks for comments...
  10. Hi! So today I attended NLD and Im planning to go there tomorrow again. I liked it quite a lot, it was quite good for Slovakia. My highlight was Tupolew 154 of Government... There were also some aeroclubs, helos, ... Now few photos... If you like them, look fwd for more...
  11. United was charter for Bush... It brought media I think.
  12. Hi! At Prague, you can easily get by PT to every spot! If anyone is coming, give me a call, maybe we can spot together? It's not big problem for me to come overthere and I would be pleased to meet you... I dont have any other shots of AF1, but soon I'll post some other photos of other planes... And yes, Bush is inside... If news dont lie :-D Thansk very much for nice comments...
  13. Hi! I went on two days spotting trip to Prague to see Air Force one... Here's first bunch of photos... Hope you like them... More to come... 05/06/2007 06/06/2007
  14. Nice Pieter... I like MEA and Great Wall... For me its aircraft important too, not quality of photo... I was very happy when I saw B747SP altough i had known that its scheduled... :)And I have spotted JA402J and T9-AAD too... Nice aircrafts... Who will be next to show his/her highlights of year?
  15. Hi all! Happy holidays... So 2006 is coming to the end so I thought, it would be interesting to see what were your highlights this year... Ill start... 1. EP-IAD Iran Air Boeing 747SP Photo : 2. JA8956 ANA 747-400D "Pokemon Jet" Photo : 3. 5Y-VIP ASA A310 Photo : 4. Runway intersection at ZRH Photo : 5. ER-YGD Moldavia Yak-40 Photo : 6. 9V-SPP Singapore Airlines 747-400 "Star Alliance" Photo : 7. Frecce Tricolori Photo : 8. Team 60 Photo : 9. YU-AMJ Air Tomisko Il76 Photo : 10. G-VOGE Virgin A346 (I like composition) Photo :
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