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  1. If all 3 were covered, they wouldnt have any speed indicator at all. They will abort it before even reaching half of the runaway.
  2. Seriously? This kepten happy really need to be banned.
  3. Returning crew from OD? I tought OD treat them well...
  4. MAB is betting on dca approval for single fleet flying with their 333/332 and 359. Means all the pilot can fly all type with one rating WITHOUT schedule rotation just because airbus said its doable. Middle east operator practice that with their 330/340 with a six months rotation for each type. The problem is, even with a schedule rotation which make it a simpler operation, between 359 and 333/332 is a very different aircraft. System wise, cockpit layout, interface, it is just too much. While 330/340 have their own differences, i would say the operation is very much alike. They are currently trying hard to sugar coat dca to approve this scheme. At this point, it is a safety concern. This is not about saving money on pilot anymore. If dca decide not to approved single fleet flying by june, MAB workforce will be so bad, even Captain Izham Ismail will start flying back! Anyway this is my personal opinion.
  5. The question now is, who is going to fly all the planes? They are really2 short of manpower with the arrival of 350 and 332
  6. Supposed to depart out of KUL 1000LT and land back in KUL 1850 LT.
  7. Good news for local spotters. They planned proving flight for A350 on the 8 Dec. KUL/BKI/KCH/KUL.
  8. A332F still active MUA just got a brand new mascargo paint coat. I supposed all 3 will get the new paint scheme. MUD just came back from CGP doing charity / relief flight for the rakhine state.
  9. Currently they are wet leasing silkway B748 to do their Europe run.
  10. The new working arrangement is not from our training manual or even endorsed by them. They just simply cut 1 cc n expect the crew to adapt and improvise to maintain the same quality of service. Mountain of fatigue reports filed within these 2 years, but none of them is being seen as critical or a safety hazard. Lately they dont even acknowledge upon receiving any safety report even from the tech crew. I guess when they see the lesser complaint coming, its time to cut 1 more cc n let them adapt again.
  11. the supervisor IS serving now.. look carefully.. currently they try to steal one cc from behind to finish with serving business class first, and then send 2 of them back to help EY. you will see this on the first service. As for the second service, they will curi 1 cc and then start servicing EY earlier, halfway through d same cc will be helping business class back. they wont cut down business class service, maybe scared of negative feedback from them. If you are in EY, too bad. its either service will be going on slowly, or start early!
  12. Its been almost 2 years.. They plan to cut it to 8 crew without reducing any service soon..
  13. 333 constraint due maintenance. even JED flight canceled today.
  14. 333 replace dugongs to do MED. something bout runaway maintenance, dugongs not allowed to land at MED. Not in d notam though.
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