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  1. Was on OD 818 a few days ago. Total pax count 14 only ... The return OD817 was barely half filled ...
  2. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/tigerair-fly-ipoh-may-29-tickets-sale-april-20-20150331#xtor=CS1-10 http://
  3. Had the same problem 2 weeks ago with the BKK-SIN Before taxes 1435thb After taxes (on the 1st page) 2135thb and it says Total + Taxes + Surcharge , so i thought that was cheap, infact cheaper than LCCs Then once I proceed to the next page, the price changed to 4085thb Last week they seems to have fixed the problem, it's 5955thb now . But this isn't the 1st time I seen this, previously I've seen a RM 9 ticket KUL-PEN (again it says total + taxes + surcharge) but once i click on the next page it changes to RM129.
  4. But the ones on TZ is without Internet Connection and is purely for access to entertainment only MI has similar offering as well, no PTV on their new 738 but stream to own device via WI-FI .
  5. KLM was about to book my flight to Denpasar till i saw this : 1 piece(s) of check-in baggage 1 hand baggage + 1 accessory Additional piece will cost SGD $56.10 for the SIN-DPS flight :s Ended up booking Qatar.
  6. Same as Qantas, just helped my aunt did OLCI for her flight to SYD. system keep prompting that name given does not match name used in booking
  7. Recently they had the $3 promotion followed by another $24 promotion. I managed to booked the Taipei flight at $3 ($182 nett for 2 pax including 20kg checked bag to TPE and 25kg back to SIN) My friend managed to get the $24 tickets to Gold Coast during the $24 promotion.
  8. Guess what I saw on the 31/12/2012 ? Yes, it's Scoots... don't know why it's at KLIA .It parked at the STB for quite some time...
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