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  1. If God has decided that their time is not up, then they shall be spared ... I suppose
  2. Watch it SV especially whilst sitting on the toilet bowl in the 767
  3. That BA flight in 1982 (I think) flew from Heathrow via India, then KUL (Subang then), towards Perth, Melbourne and finally Auckland. I flew to Melbourne in 1983 on a BA B742 which took us from KUL to SIN, SYD and finally MEL.
  4. Isn't the Gimly Glider the nickname for the Air Canada B767 that glided due to fuel exhaustion during the flight from Montreal to Edmonton sometime in the 1980s
  6. Anyone here flown Economy on SV's B777 . I would like to know their seating configuration. Can't seem to find the info on their website
  7. Taking into consideration of both flying and transit times; what would be the better option, in terms of the shortest time, if one wants to fly from KUL to EZE? MH via JNB and CPT across the Indian and Atlantic Oceans to EZE, or MH/JQ with an aircraft change (QF) in SYD across the Pacific to EZE?
  8. Can my Honda Odyssey be consider a 'carrier' as well Anyway, me and the clan will be leaving KUL to my parent's in IPH on the night of 11 October, after Berbuka Puasa. We will be in IPH until Monday, 15 October (although me and my 2 older kids (Adam being one of them) may try to 'psycho' the missus to stay on until Tuesday ). It's then the drive along the East-West Highway to my in-law's in KBR on 15 (perhaps 16, although unlikely ) October. It's then back to IPH on Saturday, 20 October (wouldn't want to miss the Rugby World Cup Final during the wee hours of 21 October ) ... and finally back to KUL on 21 October, perhaps after brunch
  9. Great coverage Norman. Terima kasih Can't wait for the 1:400 version from some of the manufacturers
  10. On second thoughts ... ok lah I suppose ... and I like the new font used
  11. It's Qantas mate and not just Wunala and Nalanji Agree with you on a roo a'la Australia Airlines How about the boxing kangaroo like the one on the B742 after the America's Cup victory in 1983 Ayoyo! Ugly lah
  12. How could they do that to poor Skippy
  13. Didn't a Malay boy from Kedah died of similar circumstances when his body was discovered at Joburg on our own MH's B744 some 10 or more years ago? I specifically remember that the flight originated from Subang rather than KLIA.
  14. I actually forgot to include this in my Cape Town TR This incident actually occured immediately after take off during our flight from JNB to CPT on 1/6/07 whereby a MH FA (steward) actually told off a passenger (Malaysian lady) rather sternly but in a polite kind of way to switch off her handphone. The passenger's reply was, "Sorry ah ... I was checking my messages" ... like she couldn't do it when we were on transit at JNB
  15. Affendi - Read the thread 'Aerobridge Collapse, Aircraft damaged' under General Aviation. The first posting was made by Capt Radzi. Did you hear it on the radio Capt Radzi - So much for 'sweeping under the carpet'
  16. It happened to a B744 at AKL sometime early last year if I'm not mistaken There was a thread here under General Aviation if I recall it correctly.
  17. OMG Could you imagine at the time of the collapse, there were actually passengers walking to or from the aircraft
  18. Typo error by Pieter perhaps ... It should have perhaps be AMS-MNL
  19. Yes, I believe it was dropped around about that time. When I travelled to MAD in April/May 2005, I took KLM via AMS. It was the best and cheapest option then.
  20. My personal choice ... Qantas' I Still Call Australia Home (all versions) ... gives me the goosebumps ... dunno why
  21. Keith - Yes, for LH it is not such big a regret as they are still around, but the little regret was to miss out on the KUL - MEL - KUL sector in their old B742 in the old livery complete with the dark blue cheatline. The same goes with JAT Yugoslav Airlines as I don't think these 2 airlines will ever again serve KUL - MEL - KUL AN ... and to consider their livery then was the classic 'flying' (Southern Cross) stars ... RIP
  22. My list, though not as extensive as most of you guys are as follows; - Malaysia Airlines (plus Malaysian Airline System and Malaysia-Singapore Airlines before that) - Pelangi Air (now defunct) - Singapore Airlines - Qantas Airways - Trans Australia Airlines (TAA) (later to become Australian Airlines, and later merged with Qantas) - British Airways - Lauda Air (now merged with Austrian Airlines) - KLM - Air New Zealand Biggest regret - not flying with Ansett whilst I was a student in Australia in the 1980s Not so big a regret, but a regret nevertheless - not flying with Lufthansa or JAT Yugoslav Airlines when they were serving the KUL - MEL - KUL sector in the 1980s
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