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  1. Was up to KUL with 'Nguyen' last weekend. Meet up with Chaity & Keith ... and we went to the 'new' morning spot.


    Curry express (VT-AXV) did nice slow climb enabled us to get some decent shots of her.



    Great shots, kianhong!


    Your shot of the AIX 738, VT-AXV might actually be her last photo clicked by anybody. As you might be aware, VT-AXV overshot the runway during landing and crashed into a valley at Mangalore, India on Saturday (May 22nd) :(


    - Vivek

  2. Hey - just a quick note guys.


    I would be visiting Singapore (again!) next month. This time it is a family holiday :pardon:


    I will be arriving on May 16th, and leaving on May 20th. I am planning to do a couple of hours of spotting on atleast one of the days that I am there. I have done the Crowne Plaza & CBP locations last time, so any pointers on what I can do this time?


    Also, which runway direction is mainly used for landing in May? In Jan/Feb, landings were mainly on Rway 02L.


    I would also love to catch up with SIN spotters during that time. Lemme know if anyone is around.


    - Vivek

  3. OT, are you sure it is notorious for late take-offs?Don't get me wrong, I just want to learn here, from the pictures, it seems like she need more MTOW Take of run which is 3,000 metres (9,800 ft) according to wiki and 14L/32R runways length is 4,124m (13,530 ft) btw.


    I have always seen late rotations on an A340-300 irrespective of the airline/airport/weather conditions. A340-300s are known to have a shallow climb rate.


    Here is a comparative weight/thrust ratio of modern widebody aircraft. Got this info. from a thread on Airliners.net




    A330-200 230.000 128K/136K 1,797/1,691


    A330-300 212.000 128K/136K 1,656/1,559


    B747-400 385.555 227K/248K 1,463/1,555


    B747-400ER 412.770 248.000 1,818


    B777-200ER 263.085 168K/184K 1,566/1,430


    B777-200LR 341.105 220.000 1,550


    B777-300 263.080 180K/196K 1,462/1,342


    B777-300ER 299.380 230.600 1,298


    A340-200 260.000 124.800 2,083


    A340-300 260.000 130.200 1,997


    A340-300E 275.000 130.200 2,112


    So, from the above figures, it is evident that the weight/thrust ratio of the A340-300 is the highest. In other words, the thrust to weight ratio would be the lowest amongst its peers.


    - Vivek

  4. Hi Guys,


    I have been following this thread since some time. I will be visiting Thailand (Bangkok & Phuket) in May 2010 along with the family.


    I would be spending 3 days in BKK & 3 days in HKT. Since I have my wife and our 21 month old son with me, I cannot do any "hardcore" spotting, but I would still like to spend a couple of hours in each location.


    Here are a few questions I have:


    1) How is the weather in Thailand in May? (Sunny/Cloudy/Mixed)


    2) What runway direction would be used for landings in BKK & HKT in May?


    3) Is it possible to spot from the beach in HKT?


    4) I understand that the hill next to the runway at HKT is good only in winters. Is there any other spot good for spotting at HKT?


    5) Is it possible to hire a car (for sightseeing mainly) for the day and have the driver wait for you while you spot for a couple of hours?


    Any tips on the above would be really welcome. It would be good to meet up with the local spotters in BKK & HKT.


    Looking forward to this trip!


    - Vivek

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