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  1. MH Fokker F27s had registration numbers as 9M-MCA, MCB and so on
  2. Media statement by MAB comm: Malaysia Airlines flight MH128 of 31 May from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur was forced to turn back to Melbourne due to a disruptive passenger. MH128 departed Melbourne Airport at 11.11pm and was to arrive Kuala Lumpur at 5.28am on 1 June made a turn back to Melbourne after the operating Captain was alerted by a cabin crew of a passenger attempting to enter the cockpit. Safety and security is of Malaysia Airline's utmost priority. MH128 safely landed in Melbourne Airport at 11.41pm. The airline is currently on the remote bay and waiting for security assistance to arrive to the aircraft.
  3. Yes MED's runway restriction for A380 due to WIP, but is okay now Swap with Aussie sectors as MH needed 2 A330s for one MED run and to suit the schedules for MEL and SYD
  4. Only two forward slides were deployed because the two rear slides were considered unsafe and unusable when nose landing gear had collapsed as it affected the body of the aircraft. If deployed the slides would be hanging. WBGS 081600Z 12001KT 9999 -RA FEW005 SCT018 OVC150 24/23 Q1010 WBGS 081500Z 10002KT 7000 RA FEW005 SCT018 OVC150 24/23 Q1011 WBGS 081400Z 32002KT 6000 RA FEW005 SCT018 OVC150 25/24 Q1011 WBGS 081300Z 22002KT 9999 -RA SCT018 BKN150 27/25 Q1009 WBGS 081200Z 34003KT 9999 SCT018 BKN150 27/24 Q1008 WBGS 081100Z 24002KT 9999 FEW015CB BKN150 27/25 Q1007 The rain was not heavy and visibility also above MH requirement and the wind was also almost calm, so there was no reason to delay the approach and landing
  5. zamim

    Peter Bellew

    MAB CEO Peter Bellew seemed to be an open-minded person and I believe he is willing to listen to any suggestions from public on how to make MAB better. So, why not Malaysiawings organise a meeting with him and all members could say whatever you all have been saying in this forum to him directly.
  6. I had suggested to Ahmad Jauhari and Hugh Dunleavy 3 years ago to be the launch customer for B737-900 or even B737-800 with flat bed seats in Business Class to cater for 4 - 6 hrs sectors especially to India, Australia, China and Japan. They never bothered to reply.
  7. If I'm not mistaken the Charter Dept was disbanded since last year as part of reorg.
  8. It is not about safety issue as 4 cabin crew meets the legal requirement but more of service and standard issue
  9. 1. HNL was a tech-stop 2. MH had a traffic right to carry pax from BNE-AKL vv then
  10. No problem operating KUL-AKL vv non-stop as I used to fly this route. After awhile it was changed to KUL-BNE-AKL vv. Radzi, not only we knew the crew and we were very close. On certain routes we would be together for a week e.g. KUL-AKL vv or 20 days when we used to operate KUL-NRT-LAX-HNL-NRT-KUL.
  11. Malaysia Airlines do conduct courses for staff and outsiders.
  12. It's not about "safety is not compromise" but about rules and regulations and the integrity of the pilots.
  13. Finally MAB has done the right choice by ordering a mixture of B737MAX.
  14. One of the senior management staff in Suasa Air holding a director's position is ex DCA top man, so he knows a lot about ASP and AOC, thus, he might have given some advice to Suasa board.
  15. E"MAS" has lost it's glitter. SILVER never got off ground So next is SUASA
  16. Do the operators really care on the beauty of an airplane? I think passengers are more interested in the interior than the external look.
  17. Airbus people are a bit worried so they called B737 MAX10 as "Mad Max". If MAB management is smart, they could be a launch customer.
  18. Even though MAHB has problem with KLIA Aerotrain but why can't they manage airports in India and Turkey?
  19. Yes she has tons of money but she would end up with only a few kilos of money.
  20. Talk about cabin crew's uniform change had started even before Khazanah stepped in but AJ couldn't carry it out as MAS just didn't have the fund and was bleeding badly. However, the pilots did get the new uniform, most probably due to lower cost as there were only about 1300 pilots as compared to almost 5000 cabin crew excluding the ground staff.
  21. To me to run an airline business the CEO should emphasis what the industry wants not what Khazanah wants. Political involvement is one issue but MAB just does not have funds to do much. Bear in mind MAB has to pay back the RM6 billion spent of restructuring or dismantling of MAS.
  22. If B744 landing gears are retracted, it could be: 1. in the air 2. in the hangar on jacks during maintenance check on retraction and extension of gears 3. in the ditch when landing without gears
  23. If I am not mistaken, SZB was to be converted into an aviation park and would have a major MRO but now, even MAB has shifted to KLIA. And, KLIA was planned to be a major airport with 6 runways.... but now all have changed.
  24. The aircraft has not been flown for quite sometime so I reckon she needs a test flight for C of A
  25. Aircraft on ground is the responsibility of Engineering and/or ground handler, not airport authority. Expected ETS now on 21 April
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