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  1. miss the spacious seat n also the generous space of the legroom... haha..
  2. just coming from their overseas trip... can not adapt themselves in malaysia's hot n sunny weather .. lols... haha
  3. my dad and i drove at the LPT last week... hari raya journey... haha... my first crosswind moment... the wind came from the right hand side and force my dad to steer the car harder... sometimes i felt like in an aircraft.. haha.. for me kuching airport has the strong crosswind upon landing.. frequently went there.. just to share.. (only face the many crosswind incident in my fsx simulator.. lols )
  4. man.. you are so lucky dude.. during on my flight with 734 kch-kul, there are the major problem with the air conditioning.. to make it worst, during the cruising altitude the air conditioning seems to have a failure... i'm baked and sweating like hell...hahaha.. unprofessionally done non of the crew tell us what happen... sweet memory??
  5. no choice.. haha... i have to believe in mas engineering on their work and maintenance... the rest let the pilot handle it... how do you feel about its safety?
  6. bigger than 747?? haha... try An225-Mriya....
  7. captain suhaimi saman... now a captain for korean air 747.... flown 737 accross pacifc ocean during the 737 first service... haha
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