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  1. I'm not sure if there's such topic already on the list. But just a quick question: Is it compulsory for a yellow fever vaccination for travelers travelling to Buenos Aires or Sao Paolo?
  2. Hopefully it will be made available here soon!
  3. Yes, it is. If I were to fly in J, I won't be happy to fly in VA's 77W for sure!
  4. I just detest the idea of having red engine exhaust . One has to has the red element on the fuselage to be able to use the colour on the exhaust. It would be great on TG to have a bright purple for the exhaust as the purple scheme already exists on the fuselage. I have no idea why MH is commiting themself to colour crimes. The livery is as much important as the hard and soft products inside the plane. Most significantly, this is the livery that will be the first to fly on MH A380. I reckon they have put significant amount of time and hard labour throughout the rest of the airline as well as in all the collaterals, training of the staff and across all the other brand touchpoints that they must have overlook on their graphic and painting department. Just my two cents. To be fair, let's just listen to those who'll be flying to London have to say. As most of us would do now; let's just keep our fingers cross.
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