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  1. Hi everyone, I have recently just book flight with CX to LHR and I need to transit in HKG for more than 12 hours? Was wondering if I can get free transit hotel from CX? I am not sure what to do? Thanks
  2. Thank you guys....I am going to quote my enrich membership when checking in
  3. Hey, I have just joined MAS Enrich member few days ago and I am going to fly new week. But I have already bought my ticket before joining Enrich. Can I know how to earn my miles??
  4. I personally think that MAS should get 787 or A350 rather than the new IGW A330E...
  5. Can anyone please post their trip on the A380 joyride??^^ Can't wait to see it....
  6. Hope that MAS will consider to get 787...to replace their current 777-200
  7. I don't think MAS should transffer it newest 737-800 to Saphire
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