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  1. American Airlines and Cathay Pacific also used this config
  2. The current 30" pitch is bearable for around 2 hours flight. More than that, it's quite cramp. Some more the long queues for the toilet. I prefer The 777 anytime
  3. I've tried booking for month of May and June. Price remains the same
  4. Have you tried making a booking on MAS Website? Tried making a booking for KUL - JHB this May and found that the air fare is now RM487.60 one way inclusive of taxes! Also tried making a booking for KUL - SDK for May and the fare is RM1,215.85 inclusive of taxes one way. This is the MH Flex fare. No other option seem to be available. Well, looks like MAS is trying to increase the price of their ticket. Don't think this will help them reduce the losses with their empty aircraft.
  5. I saw 2 A380 parked at KLIA at 2pm today. Looks very dirty Here's the photo https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7675/17177412070_fd39faaec4_b.jpg
  6. Without the A380, are they going to use the 772 to London? Looks like with the old aircraft and ancient IFE, MAS will have to compete on low fares
  7. OD for domestic is definitely better than MAS if you were to compare the legroom and also the availability of IFE. The fare is also cheaper
  8. The domestic lounge is just a disgrace now. Food is so limited. Actually just not worth it. The lounge at KK airport I would say is better food wise.
  9. Yes if I read the conditions of MH Upgrade, you are not entitled to accrual of Enrich Miles and sectors.
  10. Oh that good to know. I thought if you upgrade you get none whatsoever.
  11. Just a question to those who had utilised MH Upgrade. Do you get FFP points and sectors credited?
  12. I agree on that. The hsrdware nerds to be consistent. Currently their B777 vs A380 & A330 is just to different.
  13. I avoid any airline with 10 abreast on the 777. Had a bad experience on Emirates.
  14. I can't agree with you more. In fact MH regional meals are like LCC without choice but complimentary. A real shame. Definitely not befitting a 5 Star Carrier
  15. That's good to know. Will report on my experience after my flight in December
  16. This has been their practice quite sometime now. However you can still select your seats when you check in or via online check in up to 48 hours before your departure.
  17. Great to know. Is there are personal Tv like the other malindo 737-900ER aircraft? Or the 738 is different. Will be trying out the KUL - SIN in Dec
  18. I've also received this offer for upgrade. However, without any points accrual I'll give it a pass. KUL to SDK business class nothing to shout about.
  19. I thought you can't redeem for the temptations boutique now?
  20. However the food and beverages are worst off. To those who do not want any nasi lemak and chicken rendang, the only choice is the noodle station or croissant. No more sandwiches Coffee is now very limited. You can't have white coffee without sugar.
  21. The new 738 has a seat pitch of 30" vs 32" of the 734. That's why I prefer sitting in the 734. I miss seat 14A & K on the 734
  22. Couldn't agree with you more. The domestic catering is worse than LCC
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