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  1. This removal of "snack and beverage from Economy Lite" decision, if I may opine, will hurt and return to bite those (presumably well intentioned) bean counters at MAB

    Meal options I can understand (perhaps conditioned so already on AK/D7 flights) but to have crew go through the vetting procedure just for sake of a packet of peanuts and a drink of juice/water ........ real pettiness :rolleyes:

    Took a flight from KUL to Medan today and talked to the air stewardess and they are not even sure about it. So far they are serving meals, snacks and drinks to everyone.

  2. Yes. Just enter your QF number into the booking, and present your Enrich Gold card at the lounge/gate. Just make sure they dont update (replace) the QF number with your Enrich one, especially if you present it at the check in desk.

    Thanks for the information. This is just what I need to know. Good to know that you can enjoy the benefits of Enrich Gold although you chose to use your Qantas FF for the flight.

  3. If you are on a one world flight, say you are on a Qantas flight and you are not able to get any Elite Points to your Enrich due to the class of travel. However if you use the Qantas FF you get points. So if you then nominate QFF for the flight, can you still use your Enrich Gold card to get lounge access, priority boarding etc?

  4. Just want to check if you are flying Business Class in Malaysia Airlines from Brisbane to KUL can we use the Qantas Lounge?

    From the boarding pass, it had stated that I was invited to the Plaza Premium Lounge.

    Anyway I tried to use the Qantas Lounge and was told by the person that we cannot use the lounge if we fly Business Class. Only if you are a One World Status Member you can use the lounge. Anyone has experienced this?

  5. I find this to be quite inconsistent. Some will insist on the full process as you experienced, while others dont even verbally verify your details before proceeding.

    I know. Actually called 2 times regarding my Enrich redemption. However both times they ask me to send the docs before they can proceed with the redemption. FYI, I got the Fiji call centre and also the local call centre attending to me. Both times the call centre operator informs the requirements are needed as to prevent any unauthorised used of my Enrich points. So finally complied to the requirements for Enrich redemption for 3rd party.

  6. I had the same problem too. Did my redemption last week. Noticed that this problem occurs when you are trying to make redemption for someone else.

    Surprisingly had no problems when I made redemption for myself.

    Finally had no choice but to redeem via call centre for my wife. Then I had to write a letter of authorisation to authorised the redemption for my wife, also scan copy of my Enrich Card, front and back and my passport. Only after emailing them these documents can they proceed with the redemption via the call centre. This is so inconvenient.

  7. My son took the flight on the 21 May 2018. Only served dinner after takeoff. After that nothing.

    He was totally shocked with the meals being cut and also the cabin crew was absent throughout the duration of he flight. He had to call them for a drink. Service was just bad.

    No problems with the morning flight though.

  8. Just to check with those who had flown economy on Tokyo to KL sector on MAS on the night flight and arriving KUL in the early morning. For the meals, you are only served one meal after take off. After that nothing.

    Is this the sign of MH Cost cutting? Normally there would be a light snack just before landing?

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