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  1. Oh really? so now the terminal building becomes the RMAF musuem or part of the RMAF museum? I searched google and can't find any new photo regarding on the terminal building (all are 1950's to 60's photo)
  2. Ladies and gentleman, I was wondering is the original sungai besi airport terminal still exist? Since it had become a full military airport after they have moved to SZB Follow link for the original terminal pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/bb/b5/7c/bbb57cb7b0bb0cb6aeb505e90c93a643.jpg
  3. Man, I am so happy today because I found this beautiful photo on google ... I guess It was taken in the mid eighties by judging the cars design... Unfortunately I was not even born yet during that time... I wonder such a huge building where does all the demolished debris and rubble goes? I remember one of the existing aerobridge from T1 was relocated to an airport at Sbah.....
  4. Very nice video! Flee. Thanks for sharing Last week I went to the former site of T1 where the current spirit system building is located.. BTW , I stumbled across this old half demolished fencing and an old building which has been repainted.. Are those fencing and that building used to be together with T1? and I saw a half demolished and abandoned road too infront of the grey building which I believe used to be an old access road to T1... There is a notice on the gate and it says that building belongs to YTL hangar... YTL have an airline??
  5. Just found another video on Subang Terminal 1 in the late 1990's but the video quality is quite bad...The interior is not that bad from the video, I was still wondering why they demolish the good looking T1 start from 5:48 (arrival area) I think terminal 1 was demolished in 2003 https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1309&dat=20030212&id=xaktAAAAIBAJ&sjid=8XoFAAAAIBAJ&pg=6149,700526&hl=en
  6. Happy labour day....I found another video regarding subang airport at 12:18 I sees that T1 has 3 floor, so I assume that Ground floor is for the services (like baggage conveyor etc) but I don't think there are baggage conveyor in the 1960's , 1st floor is arrival and departure and 2nd floor is the restaurants and shops?? Does anyone still remembers what kind of spaces is in each floor?
  7. LBJ in Subang airport in the year of 1966
  8. 1991- VIP lounge I guess?? 1989- baggage claim area..I wonder there are how many baggage claim conveyor in T1 as T1 is not that big by juding the pictures of it.. 1979 before the renovation check in counters 1983 1992 fire 1993- I don't know which part of the terminal, I was not even born yet.... 1994 1994- I guess the blue columns and the roof above it is not part of the original construction, I meant it was added after renovation.. 1994 1995- travelator area, departure hall I guess?? Those pictures are taken from the internet.. I have not seen T1 before as I am too young for that, but my dad used to work in T1 before I was even born that's why I knows that it was the ex international airport of Kuala Lumpur. I feels very sad when they demolished such a beautiful terminal building... BTW where does the airtel located?? is it inside the terminal building itself or a separate building? It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could show pictures of the airtel...
  9. I just found some video regaring T1 unfortunately I was born after all this =( I love the pre annoucement chime, (you can hear it at the 2nd video)
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