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  1. There are huge numbers of Malaysians work in Manila in casinos and online gambling/betting call centres
  2. Anyone can confirm the call centre operations are out sourced to South Asian countries? I had hard times and diffculties to understand their accent.
  3. Fuzhou and nanjing not well receive due to its unfavourable timings?
  4. 1toilet for First Class, 2 for Business and only 5 for economy
  5. Yes, during its Golden Days, Nagoya and Fukuoka were part of its extensive network, with tagline "flies to over 100 destinations across 6 continents"
  6. Anyone have photos of the new golden lounge? There is no news reporting or article on the unveiling of the new lounge
  7. Previously is there a notice on MH website for the closure of Golden Lounge Satelite on 3 October following the reopening of Regional Golden Lounge. But the notice was gone
  8. Anyone have idea about new Golden Lounge Regional looks like?
  9. I supppose Golden Lounge refurbishment works supposed to be complete by 15th August, but now seen to be delayed
  10. Same goes to flight on NB B738 with 4 crew cut from initial 5 and 6 crew. 2 for Y and 2 for J. If J less pax or conclude service service earlier, 1 send to behind to help. During boarding Crew 1 - greeting pax at door Crew 2 - preparing J Galley Crew 3 - assist Y pax throughout the aisle Crew 4 - preparing Y Galley behind Means only 1 crew visble in the middle through out the flight
  11. There used to be 6 crew on B737-800 at initial..i think for longer duration regional flights like HKG and DPS
  12. 4 crew assignment on a NB A320 and B737-800 is only suitable for all economy class or low cost carrier as the service less formal. A 2 class NB, prefer to have 5 crew assignment as the minimun requiremen ( 2J and 3 EY)
  13. Generally 4 crew arrangement will compromising the service level of the so called premium air carrier. 1st crew welcome psssengers at door 1, 2nd crew preparing J galley and 3rd crew preparing Y galley at the back. With this, left only 1 crew to assist boarding along the Y aisle. I dont think Garuda NB serving KUL-CGK has 4 crew onboard.
  14. Most probably is the better timing of the PEK sector flight
  15. OD flies daily to Medan Kuala Namu daily from KL KUL 2015 KNO 2015 KNO 0710 KUL 0910
  16. Thanks not realise MH owned so many B747 at its glory years
  17. MH B747 named after Malaysian cities such as Alor Setar, Kuantan, Putrajaya,Penang.... how about we come out with a list in other thread?
  18. Those leisure flights may not offer business class seats, thus eliminating the need of Golden Lounge KLIA2
  19. ERL need to increase its frequency or extend its train lenght to cope with his increasing number of pax since the KLIA2 service commencement
  20. According to news report, the so called substances are 3 gold bars found in the toilet, wrapped in a package
  21. Obama will visit Kuala Lumpur , along with Tokyo, Seoul and Manila in late April ,in compensation with his no-show in October 2013
  22. Anyone get insider news or come to know about rumours that MH have intention to axe the flagship KUL-LHR route ?
  23. MH770 KUL 1455 KBV 1540 MH771 KBV 1720 KUL 2005 Mon., Thurs, Fri , Sat
  24. anyone heard of AK going to lauch flights to Kaohsiung from KUL , starting 27 May ?
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