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  1. thanks norman for the suggestions..i'm glad to hear that.
  2. hi..i'm nazmi from malaysia..due to problem spotting at klia ( caused by security guard ), i'm interested to spot at changi airport..is it comfortable being spotting at changi?do we faced trouble to spot at there? how about the spotting place? hmm,mayb i'm going to stay about 2 days at changi if the place is available to spot the airplane..anyone from changi's spotters can help me?
  3. thanks for the info, norman..hmm,norman,do you familiar at changi airport? how about spotting at changi? is it more comfortable compare to klia? in any chance,mayb i can spot SQ @ QF a380,isn't?..anyway,thanks again for your suggestion..
  4. hi all members..i'm just found the observation hill and ,,OH MY GOD, the scene on there is very fantastic..so real..but actually i just stay there for a few minutes because the police there chased us (me,my wife and my two kids)..so sad because my little kids just can see one airplane only..just wanna know if there is any chance,is there any way to stay there for hours maybe? does anyone know when the police get away from there? when is the place clear from the police?please members..
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