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  1. Hmm just read that mas is going to serve caviar on first class
  2. both LM and LN are leased from BBAM if i am not mistaken. LN should be featuring boeing sky interior as well like LM hence the -8H6
  3. I wonder how they can sustain those flights lol to their proposed regional destinations
  4. i was on board RJ 182 around 1 week back from amman. The flight from BKK to KL was in fact pretty full. Load factor in Y was more than 85% i think
  5. MH 193 usually departs at 12.30am. not sure whether they depart at 7pm next day or 7am next morning
  6. cant wait to see the pic! any latest news about mh's rebranding?
  7. it looks so cool. like their creativity to include hello kitty in all their products!
  8. i have a question also. how do i upgrade my ticket using enrich points? I don't see any option available online for that matter
  9. would love to see MH's 738 flying that route ! btw, i just checked on MH's website, they did reintroduce MH2712 again.
  10. cant wait to see d final look of the a380. hope it doesnt look too bad
  11. transferring the brand new 738 to Fireflyz? that doesn't sound like a good idea to me
  12. honestly speaking, i don't really think it's that safe knowing the age of the a/c. sometimes i do think if something might malfunction in midair. lol
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