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  1. mdsalleh-Awesome cover of Military planes. Gavin- "Angry" Smoky touchdown
  2. American's tail looks awesome and good shots too.
  3. Feel free in my mind when watch the video.Thanks for sharing!!!
  4. MH 738 is really charming!!!
  5. Simon, I try to check for MKZ-SIN on Fireflyz but unavailable flight schedule.
  6. More difficult to spot the plane nowadays.
  7. Seen like KLIA traffic quite busy today.
  8. Norman, Baby Boeing shots are AWESOME!!!
  9. Kenneth. good cacth on night shots.
  10. Ok thank you. Tamizi.
  11. Hanx, may I know what model is it? Thanx.
  12. Awesome picture from HARD ROCK spotters!!!! Follow wai ping spotting in HK
  13. When the Xtra long start her 'job' ?Is it will paint with special livery? MIR your 'one wolrd ' is really nice.thank you for sharing.
  14. Glad to hear all the pax were survive.
  15. I think more extra and speacial charge will come.
  16. Uncle Pieter, thank for sharing your posted news. Really no time to read all of the news but very thank you for sharing.
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