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    BKI 2021

    'more' being so subjective really ..... ... like how often you see two red A333s on ground at BKI ?! 😁
  2. It has been an awfully extended gestation period, and still no hint of when the first revenue flight might be There must be some seriously deep pockets behind this endeavour 😀
  3. Things must be changing at MH - they making a reappearance on BKI-SIN from 27 Aug apparently 😀
  4. Fair to say author of that has little understanding of subject matter ..... ? 🙄 source : AirAsia X catat untung bersih RM32.8 bilion (msn.com)
  5. I know it's rather blur and it's only someone's imagination at this point in time - but do the wau logos on tail and wingtip look different ?! 😁
  6. If they continue bleeding red ink as before, that million dollar could be a daily affair, or multiples of it even 😉
  7. I think you meant -VVA (But yes, AK is surely using -VAA too) Also, -XXF has recently been doing exclusively KUL-BKI-KUL runs for AK
  8. MAS in talks to buy new aircraft, carrying out refurbishments | The Star I hope it's a case of being misquoted, but if they are really doing that ......
  9. Don't worry about BKI-NRT - it's not happening now and I doubt there is any priority to get that going again anytime soon 😉
  10. AirAsia X CFO resigns to pursue other opportunities | The Star Like in 24 hours notice ..... ? 🙄
  11. Hands on heart (and I may get flogged and stoned for saying this) I am maybe (with hindsight) a bit relieved the pandemic brought a halt to all the built up chaos within the travel industry locally, specifically in the Sabah scene Facilities and services were getting stretched beyond what would have been reasonably expected by the paying visitors - that being so, unlikely there will be endorsements when back at home And some of what we have here - the beaches, the reefs, the hiking trails, etc - were being challenged beyond what could be sustained I believe Hopefully those in the industry has had a pause to rethink what should be done responsibly hereafter As for the aviation scene, doesn't seem like AK-MH-OD have launched any back stabbing exercises ..... yet 😁
  12. How certain are you this not already happening now ? 🤔
  13. As matter of fact, I for one am happy (and relieved) we not gone the way of Bali, maybe not yet, but place still has some semblence of sanity about it for us locals 😁
  14. (28) Why Long-Haul Low-Cost Airlines Always Go Bankrupt - YouTube Interesting 😀
  15. If ever there is a good time to do it, it's now I guess, being fresh from that recent handsome haircut 😁
  16. You affected in any way by the current ongoing UK airports chaos ?
  17. Thank you for the insight ! Would be fascinating if we are able to delve into the numbers and see how investment of the many millions in the equipment is economically viable within the 8-15 years time frame Must be viable, whether airline owner or lessor, for that is what is being done now😀
  18. Does that mean the birds end up in the knacker's yard sooner than what would have been the case in 'the old days' ?
  19. Ah yes, I forgot about the A332s - they would have jacked up the average age somewhat
  20. Actually, the current A330s aren't that elderly are they ? I can remember the big PR event involving our MW spotters at their reveal not that many years ago They certainly don't wring out useful years from their equipment nowadays compared to say days of the A300, B737-400 ..... 😄
  21. BC Tam

    BKI 2021

    Looks like Air Busan's HL8366 (A321N) gone inop at BKI ?
  22. https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/malaysia-airlines-sticks-end2022-timeline-sell-its-a380-fleet From this read, think issue has already been decided in favour of the A339 😆
  23. According to FR24 they gonna do Seletar-Kuching on an ATR72 come next month
  24. I take it you're referring to 9M-VVA (she is flown under AK name nowadays) and 9M-XXZ (still D7) From what can be garnered from FR24, these two seem to be employed entirely on KUL-BKI sector nowadays 9M-VVA does like one or two runs a day, 9M-XXZ once every few days or so Wonder if they are able to earn their keep with that sort of utilization ?!
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