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  1. I'll go with the others' advice - DO NOT overnight at BKI, particularly T2 (AK Terminal) !! Unless you have some fetish for the mess of construction sites :) Having said that, you're only travelling in Jan, by which time T2 should be looking a lot more decent than now, if the PR dept's of Global Upline, AK, MAHB and Sabah Tousism can be believed.


    Best choice would be the Casuarina imo, within walking distance of T2. Can also walk to the beach area for food. Get some proper rest before you embark on your adventure the next day, a long one by the look of your schedule ! Enjoy


    (PM me if you need assistance :) )

  2. One cannot help but feel there could be more to the story than what Airbus/EADS has decided to reveal to the world.


    So, you have wiring problems - is it an 18 months worth of delay ? Or could that actually be a screen, behind which they could be frantically trying to find remedies to other problems. Performance not up to guaranteed parameters perhaps ? Weight issues ? Washroom plumbing not flushing properly ?!


    Mind you, all this is just mere speculation on my part, so just laugh it off if it doesn't make sense ! :pardon:

  3. Isaac,

    I think 738 is for Oct & Nov only, thereafter equipment scheduled to be A300-600



    Not just at night, but in the DEAD of night !


    I just got info from travel agent friend that China Southern will be operating a series of charters into BKI from end Oct to Dec, A320 operated. And you guessed it, something like 2am departures !! :)

  4. Have to agree, I personally cannot see what the big hoo-hah Sepilok is supposed to be - perhaps trying to ward off pesky mosquitoes and nosey monkeys all the while. But then we the locals would be the last to appreciate what we are presented with on daily basis whilst the novelty value will strike all foreigners with full force wonders !


    All said, our local STPC (tourism promotion body) must have done one heck of a fantastic promotion on Sabah for the results we're getting re. tourist arrivals.

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys !

    What can one do but just sit back, let the jaw drop and plain and simple just be amazed outta one's mind at the number of flights in/out HKG !!

    Bear in mind, those are just flights to three destinations only, NOT counting flights from and flights to/from the very numerous other destinations.



    A word of warning - after HKG, you're likely to drop dead from sheer utter boredom if ever you try our BKI here !! :D

  6. What ever happened to that idea of "premium" economy class whereby pax pay more, get to sit in Biz-class seats and enjoy economy class meals?

    Strange, but the idea never really caught on with other airlines either, correct me if mistaken. My guess is it must be very difficult for the crew to remember all the time who to 'pamper' and whom to 'discriminate' upon !


    As for the direction MH's inflight meals are heading, it will soon cease to be 'enjoyed' in true sense of word :p Rather, pax will be doing the airline a favour to consume what MH deems palatable :rolleyes: ! Mind you, my experience lately has largely been on domestic, may be a different story on international sectors.

  7. ..... this could be an excellent 'selling-point' for the Dutch market !!! HAM is only 5 hours drive away from AMS, .....

    Cultural or geographical differences ? IPH is about half that driving distance from KUL and PEN - but you see the hue and cry about the lack of services into the airport ?! :lol:

  8. Sometimes I cannot understand. How can SQ consistently fill up its A345 and B744 flights to the brim with many left stranded on standby lists and MH strugle to fill up its seats. It can only make SQ look even better and also help fill up even more seats on the SIN-KUL shuttle flights.


    If it makes you feel any better, you're not the only un-understanding one amongst us !

    Not only SQ at SIN I'm sad to say, some of us here in EM are quite receptive to travelling all the way to HKG to connect to 'rest of the world' rather than travel on MH via KUL. Even BWN on BI is an option.

    Have I made it more difficult to comprehend life ?!! :D

  9. (1)..... I believe the government cannot arbitary tell people to move elsewhere

    (2) ..... There is no such thing as "the government is willing to"

    (1) As I've mentined before, you've been away too long from this part of the world ! :D

    (2) You may be surprised how 'willing' the govt can get if 'permutations' are favourable :)

  10. After reading the other (newer) thread pertaining to MH's IT response/updates, I guess it's time to update this thread I started moaning on :)


    Well, the online booking got me to and fro safely eventually - principal objective accomplished ! Credit where credit is due I believe !


    The hassle was when I had to collect my paper ticket from MH's airport office here - sort of negates a major convenience afforded by online booking. But that was only 'outbound' They were quite happy to accept my computer printout at XKL for journey home.


    To be fair, I assume whatever bug in the reservation/booking system is now fixed since I was able to make a new booking yesterday without the previous hassles. Only time can tell if the journey itself is as convenient :)

  11. This attitude by the Johor authorities smack of the (for want of a better term) selfish mindset that sadly our nation suffers of. I believe they (Johor govt) is also against the KL-Sin high speed rail. Why try prevent others benefitting from lower travel costs and better convenience, just cause you have vested interest in status quo ?


    Mind you, I'll probably have a different opinion though if I've got 'vested interests' in Johor !! :pardon:

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