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  1. I think you're mixing things up .....

    How were MH going to accomplish this - I reckon by internal cross subsidies as opposed to external subsidies from taxpayers.

    Quite possibly - and thanks for reminding me !! :)


    But my contention still stands (I hope) - how is it unprofitable routes, even with govt subsidies, can suddenly turn so attractive for MH (subsidyless wef 01/08) and with added competition from LCC too ! If 'internal cross subsidies' is the solution, was there anything before this to prevent said subsidy before this ?! :huh:

  2. I think Keno has touched on the very raw nerve that makes MH's arguments seem contradictory. When the financial crisis first surfaced, MH management's rhetoric was all about the domestic sectors bleeding the airline dry, all but FOUR routes, even with govt's subsidies. Please, Malaysian taxpayers need to cough up RM2b (memory fading, please correct me if amount differs) just so the wau can keep flying.


    Perhaps MH management misjudged the govt's response - if you can't provide the service, let someone else do it. Enter AK. Now, in the real business world, nothing gets given without giving something back. Perhaps the promise of some potentially lucrative routes, profitable only possible with LCC operations and cost structure. In return for taking up the responsibility of 'sure rugi' operations - the RAS for example ?


    Then when rationalisation exercise was announced, MH gets 19 routes, supposedly without govt subsidy. Defies logic somewhat that the 'other' 15 routes (19-4) can now be flown profitably by MH, assuming they do intend to operate with profit as an objective. And MH is still asking for more !


    As for Datuk TF, he would be duty bound now as CEO of a public listed company to make as much noise in protest. No doubt recent u-turns in rationalisation plan will dampen the profit potential of AK, in turn lowering value of AK's shares, and there is perhaps nothing that irritate shareholders more than falling shares value !! In worst case scenario, maybe even a boardroom coup ? But then again, this is the reality of the business world !

    :D :D



  3. My humble opinion - Datuk TF should stop griping about all this 'level playing field' business and get back to doing what made AK such a success so far - and improve upon that if possible.


    This lobbying by MH for removal of 'floor price' is probably more a ploy to irritate AK - the better response would be just continue offering AK's excellent value for money product and see how low and how long can MH 'keep up' Remember, if MH goes overboard with the 'supersavers' Mr Jala's bottomline will also jump off the cliff in tandem !


    As Mushrif noted, if AK was reaping profits pre-rationalisation, why not now ?


    All said, we (Joe public) are likely told a fraction of the whole story. As for the nitty-gritties that only the privileged few have any understanding of - well, that info will probably remain privileged ! :)

  4. Captains sit on the left hand side, and captains can look at the beautiful passangers boarding.


    First officers sit on the right hand side, so he can watch the cargo loading, refueling, and maybe toilet servicing.

    Hmmm, I'm sure I've encountered fat ugly fellow passengers - they couldn't have boarded/exited via separate doors ?

    Also, recall having seen a pic posted somewhere of quite a cutie Ah-Moi loading cargo (in Japan) - an exception rather than the rule perhaps ?

    :D :D :D

  5. What is up with the F50's ? Looks like the particular bird has just come out fresh from the paint shop, but as things stand now will leave MH in 3.5 weeks ! :huh:


    One can always trust TK to come up with pics from very different and novel angles - thanks ! :good: What did you have to do ? Leave your office at gate 1 and walk right across the airport to gate 6 ? :D

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