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  1. Certainly the narrative has mutated over course of time 😉

    As I recall it

    1) first it was to provide 'direct international flights' into KCH (and Sarawak I suppose) as that segment was/is somewhat lacking - you can of course go into a wholly separate discussion on that issue, but probably not appropriate here .....

    2) then when PM made that statement pre-Raya, 'agreed in principle' as a market manipulator tool to drive down airfare costs Semenanjung-Borneo (I don't recall if that was Sarawak specific or EM in general)
    3) now with an anticipated fleet of 120-seater turboprops, one cannot even start to speculate how those (already declared) objectives can be worked upon 🤔



    The model for the boutique airline will be a different model. It is a business model. I cannot reveal now because it is mine

    Well, hopefully said business model is not based upon a fleet of 120-seater turboprop




    He said the state-owned Hornbill Skyways Sdn Bhd, which has over 30 years experience, will be the main operator of the boutique airline.

    “So, actually we have the experience to operate the airline. But what we need is a new business model that will allow the airline to fly within the region,” he said.


    How can you mention "30 years experience" and "new business model" in same breath ?! 🙄




    He said he will not reveal if the low boutique airline fare will affect the commercial airlines flying to Sarawak.

    “I will keep it to myself,” he added.


    I'm pretty certain the likes of MH, FY, OD, AK, Z9, TR, BI etc will be finely tuned to every new twitch in this 'new airline' - no way you can keep to yourself la 😁

  2. On 4/4/2023 at 8:03 PM, flee said:

    Batik Air Malaysia has caught its competitors in deep slumber - they have already recommenced their services with a bang while AK and MH are looking like sleepy heads.

    Another thing I noticed is they seem to have largely abandoned the 'dog eat dog' Peninsular-EM market to a bare skeleton, leaving the likes of MH, AK and Z9 to fight over the remaining scraps 😁

  3. 8 hours ago, jahur said:

    ... So far the longest China based airline that has consistently flown into BKI remains to be China Southern.

    So true, I recall they had (in pre-pandemic times) multiple daily flights into BKI from CAN - I'm guessing perhaps that was intended in part at least as transit feed to CZ's traffic at CAN

    But even before that, CZ was already the 'go to' carrier doing the school holidays charter flights ex-BKI to far flung secondary Chinese 😄

  4. 14 hours ago, Adam Lawrence said:

    FM or MU?

    The media piece says MU, but I have read since then that it will be FM instead
    Also that CZ will be flying CAN-BKI instead of SZX-BKI
    One of two options I suppose - either the quoted piece prove be some total hogwash (my sincere apologies if proven be so) or the author of the published piece isn't about to get nominated for mention/prize in any media award ceremony anytime soon 😁

  5. 28 minutes ago, JuliusWong said:

    ... Kind of reminding us of AirAsia's early days with their banged up B733 they pulled out from Mojave desert. LOL! ...

    I remember once in those very early days, when our early evening BKI-BKK flight was 'rescheduled' (ie. delayed), they brought in one of their catering carts into (the now abandoned) holding lounge at BKI T2 and dished out Maggi cup noodles plus hot water for those who were in need of 'nourishment' - I was immensely impressed 😃

    I comparison nowadays ..... 

  6. 23 minutes ago, jahur said:

    That was what everyone at ak and mh asked for years to endorse/subsidise it. Mh took a bit chunk of its own expenses to do it. The gov was not keen...

    New broom in the picture now, goes by name of Anthony I believe

    Get a new story out - one that will sync with the sense of 'deprivation' amongst us Bornean Malaysians

    A new story that promises said 'new broom' an opportunity to be seen and heard to be of some help to someone, somewhere

    Money ? Can always print


  7. 6 hours ago, jahur said:

    Some of the stuff MH transport on the daily basis are not in tonnes and are required daily on belly 737 passenger flights. Something dedicated freighters will put very low priority on.

    FY as a whole cant do either of this and it seems management is not keen to do the full certification to take it due to costs. Same as why Ak never bothered to .....

    Any idea how much these certification costs amount to annually ? Is it really that prohibitive ?

    A thought here, if there is genuine will to reallocate Peninsular to Borneo services to FY, surely gahmen or Khazanah can pump in the annual subsidies so that those services remain viable ? It's not like MAG is any stranger to gahmen/Khazanah financial 'assistance' anymore 😉

  8. I wonder if anything happened or things threatened to boil over at airspace over the Spratly Islands / South China Sea area today ? 

    I notice the vast majority of flights were routed over Vietnam airspace earlier in the evening, instead of flying north/south over the South China Sea and the Philippines. As of now, some flights are returning to the area though

    Two Jin Air flights into BKI tonight (from ICN and PUS) were diverted to Jeju (CJU), now enroute again to BKI

    The 'inaugural' BKI-HKG flight was also routed via Vietnam airspace


    Ok, got it - jahur has reported it as Manila FIR going kaput 😁

    BKI 2021 - Page 2 - Observation Hill - MalaysianWings - Malaysia's Premier Aviation Portal

  9. 2 hours ago, Tom/PER said:

    Interestingly 9M-VVA has been parked for several months now at KL

    Interesting indeed, this is the single A333 in AK's fleet (instead of D7's fleet) isn't it ?

    I recall it being heavily deployed up to twice daily KUL-BKI-KUL runs on AK designated flights

    Nowadays the A333 services are flown with D7 designation

    Wonder what happened 🙂

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