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  1. 9 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    To answer your question, yes it has a side cargo door retrofitted just before the 2L door, plugged door and windows and also strengthened ribs and floor.


    In order to counter the "slanting" A330 issue, Airbus created a fully-powered Cargo Loading System (CLS) that is capable of loading/unloading even the heaviest pallets even if the aircraft on "tilt" for A330P2F

    Many thanks 😀

    So it wasn't just the 'misalignment' between the bottom part of the side cargo door and the pallet loaders, which I assume there must have been a solution devised 😄

  2. 10 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    PW-engine A330P2F is not desirable in the P2F market though, majority of those converted ones are RR--powered. They are only three PW-engine A330P2F in the market (one ex-LTU, ex-TG, one ex-MH) and those are in MSN100+/200+ range.

    This is gonna be way OT, but A330P2F do exist then ?

    Do they have the side cargo door retro fitted ?

    As I understand it, the A330 was not seriously a candidate for freighter conversion previously due to the forward dipping incline of its fuselage. That also being reason for the 'double chin' profile of the A332F

    So how have they managed to overcome this, if at all ?

    Tq for insight 😀

  3. On 1/18/2024 at 10:58 AM, flee said:

    Yes, they have lots of problems trying to get a definitive livery - this reflects how the airline is being run ...

    So the red/white livery did ever see light of day on the 380 (at least partially anyway) 😁


    (my apologies, do not who to assign credit for photo - it just randomly appeared in my FB feed)


    That F-WWAJ eventually became 9M-MNB - could 9M-MNA also have had the same tail logo painted on before the orphan blue livery prevailed ? 🤔

  4. Hajiji says no immediate need to move KKIA | Daily Express Malaysia - Sabah's Leading News Portal

    Well, back to subject matter

    Move along now, nothing else to see here for time being 😁



    “I believe the current airport can still be used for another seven to 10 years. Of course, in the long term, we would need to move,” Hajiji told FMT in an exclusive interview.

    But by golly, I do hope someone here in Sabah can propose, plan, acquire land, finance, build, complete and successfully operate a new airport from scratch all within a ten year frame 😉

  5. You have to but doubt whether the 737 programme will survive beyond its current manifestation 🙄

    Even if Boeing is able to patch up all the known flaws, its safety issues are already firmly etched in the flying public's mind

    I can already imagine some local MY folks opting for AK's A320s over MH's and OD's 737 Maxs - unless the ticket price sway them otherwise 😁

  6. 17 hours ago, flee said:

    It would appear that MH will have only two B737-8 Max for now. 

    9M-MVB does not appear to be in a hurry to be delivered! .....

    I'm guessing this has had knock on effect on some services - I noticed BKI-NRT-BKI is 'suspended' again barely a week after resuming end Dec 2023. Wonder what other flights been affected ?

  7. 9 hours ago, Izanee said:

    ... such a shame .. would have been nice to see a few more A350s and some 787s!

    If MH had at least maintained their fleet planning ideals of the glory yesteryears (019 era perhaps ?) they would likely have already signed up for A350-2000ERs and B787-11XLRs by the dozens each 😁

  8. 3 hours ago, jahur said:

    ... East Msia maswings operations is still uncertain if post state sarawak takeover that they would commit to the newer ATR72-600 which was recently pitched by the manufacturer in 2022 and again in 2023.

    Would be heck of a farce if they go that route (as if there is a viable alternative 😉) - having 'upgraded' to the -600 during that brief period years ago, then abandoning the fleet for goodness know what reason and reverting back to the old -500's. And now to 'commit' to the -600 again ?! 😁

  9. 9 hours ago, flee said:

    I think there is some political pressure from Sarawak politicians lately. They blame the lack of direct flights into KCH for their poor tourism arrivals!

    Not helped by them pulling the plug on MYY-SIN and SBW-SIN services 😑

    But how much this AirAsia 'plan' been sparked by ongoing Sarawak's 'boutique' airline programme and negotiations for takeover of MasWings ..... 

  10. 3 hours ago, Craig said:

    Semporna islands along with the Kinabatangan river lodges/safari are the only places in Malaysia that charges per person per night with single supplement that I know of...

    Are those rates inclusive of meals ? Cannot imagine staying at one of those isolated above the sea places and having to go searching for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😆

  11. 2 hours ago, Craig said:

    It seems like TWU-NKG is on sale (oddly enough only via certain OTA and only if you begin your journey from NKG). You can't buy the ticket if you begin your journey from TWU. Flight begins 22 JAN from TWU.

    Meaning the TWU-NKG leg on 22 Jan will most likely be an empty ferry flight ?! 😄

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