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  1. 3 hours ago, Craig said:

    Semporna islands along with the Kinabatangan river lodges/safari are the only places in Malaysia that charges per person per night with single supplement that I know of...

    Are those rates inclusive of meals ? Cannot imagine staying at one of those isolated above the sea places and having to go searching for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😆

  2. 2 hours ago, Craig said:

    It seems like TWU-NKG is on sale (oddly enough only via certain OTA and only if you begin your journey from NKG). You can't buy the ticket if you begin your journey from TWU. Flight begins 22 JAN from TWU.

    Meaning the TWU-NKG leg on 22 Jan will most likely be an empty ferry flight ?! 😄

  3. 4 hours ago, Craig said:

    I'd have thought something like SDK/TWU-PVG/CAN or BKI-NKG/HGH, a tertiary city to a primary city but a tertiary city to another tertiary city is wow

    I'm guessing their very impressive rail and road networks would allow PVG, HGH and NKG to serve the whole population base in that corner of China

    Plus, you would expect the traffic to be purely O&D, so interlining not needed. So might as well operate from the less busy airport, where fees should be lower 😃

  4. 3 hours ago, jani said:


    Maybe my eyes are playing tricks, but it really bothers me that on just one side of the plane, there are three different Waus.

    1. The tail Wau, which is non-Italic (I think the retro Wau)

    2. The winglet Wau, which is Italic (The present Wau)

    3. The "Sustainable" something something Wau near the door, which is in the opposite direction of the other Waus,

    That should be sufficient to generate a fourth - "WOW" !! 😆

  5. On 11/17/2023 at 8:59 AM, jahur said:

    Global travel is still not back to 2019 but it has made significant recovery. However if we account to china itself its one of the few remaining operating on very low numbers. The unemployment rate went up earlier this year and many other factors has been contributing to it. It may have also deem mass tourism as no longer beneficial to its own economy. 

    For China, I will opine that the way their real estate sector has performed in the last couple of years would not have afforded anymore the heady sense of rising wealth that had driven much of the consumer spending and confidence pre-pandemic. And leisure travel / holidays would be one of the first items to sacrifice in any tightening of the purse strings

    Also, I think it's also likely policies / rules are in place to encourage more Chinese domestic tourism (that is one huge industry there that has to be rebuilt) and at same time 'discourage' foreign travel / holidays to lessen money flowing out of the country. Which is fair enough really, we too have also seen surge in our MY domestic tourism 😀


  6. On 11/15/2023 at 3:06 PM, flee said:

    Yes, Sarawak keep talking big about airlines not flying to the state but does not do enough to find out the cause of the low traffic volumes. Why is BKI more popular than KCH? If they can find an answer to that, they would have solved the problem.

    Airasia is a ULCC and needs load factors of at least 80% all the time. Post pandemic, Airasia has also put more emphasis on getting cargo onto its flights. Is it any wonder that they terminate their flights as demand is only good enough during festive periods or school holidays? So they need to deploy their assets on routes that have more traffic.

    Much as BKI appear to be the apple in Capital A's eyes, should not distract from reality they too have substantially downscale operations ex BKI to the few Chinese stations (eg PKX, WUH ... ) and MFM terminated 

    It is good though to see they are responding quickly to market demand/reactions 

  7. 4 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    ... some of the pilots actually quit Qatar Airways to return to Malaysia to be closer with their families. MYAirlines offers 35% more (at minimum) more salary than AirAsia. What a sad turn of event.

    Apologies in advance if I'm 'politically incorrect' here, but I am of opinion those personnel who switched jobs for whatever reason - be it personal preference, financial advantage, career advancement ... etc - should have weighed in potential risk(s) of getting onboard an unproven outfit into their job switching decision

    Yes it's unfortunate sadly, but it's daily fare in the employment scene 🙁

  8. 11 hours ago, Chris Tan said:


    If they denied the AOC, they’d be accused of protectionism by the general public who clamour for cheaper fares. It’s just impossible to please everyone. 

    Another angle - even if there was sufficient intelligence known to suggest the airline was close to collapse, denying them the AOC would have landed blame of the 'stranded paxs' squarely on MAVCOM's lap

    As it is now, MAVCOM can play the role of one who is assisting to resolve paxs' grudges against the collapsed airline

    So, ...... 😏

  9. 20 hours ago, jahur said:

    On another note, Hot meals expected to come in month end however don't expect proper meals. None of the vendors(except Post aviation, Santan, Brahim) can cleanup cutlery none of the other vendors are expected to take certification for it due to cost. Enjoy having business class meal on disposable paper plates. Selection on all classes will also be limited due to meal volume constraint.

    Also the disruption will persist steadfast 6months unless someone concedes defeat ahead of schedule lol. 

    Wonder if anyone ever considered uplifting meals from other stations that have proper catering facilities instead - SIN, BKK, CGK ...? 😀

    Sure it's going to be costly, but at silly situations, absurdity may prove useful 

  10. 10 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    Alcohol is a part of dinning and chill experience. Those enjoy drinking at poolside, beach, dinner, cocktail time, night club, etc would find exorbitant price unwelcome...

    (44) Scarlett有话说 — 在马来西亚的中国人给沙巴山打根州议员的一封旅游献议倡议!再谈东马山打根旅游! ELOPURA (美丽的小镇) - YouTube

    Well, if ever you need evidence to substantiate ..... 😝
    (skip to 26:00)
    But seriously, I think this couple do have some pretty valid opinions and suggestions that hopefully can reach the tourism authorities 😄



  11. I think we should understand that this narrative about having our own airline operations as mean of 'easing burden' of the flying public, increase connectivity to the state, ..... etc, all those benevolent attributes - is not new, and for Sabah, there is a case history already 😉

    Back in the 70's, when timber and oil money was flowing into the state's coffers, those were the promises and plans - a couple of 707's were roped in by Sabah Air. What eventually transpired was the 9M-TDM and 9M-TMS fiasco, which helped to drain the state's coffers quite a bit ☹️

    But back then there wasn't social media where such things could have been publicly scrutinized, we only got to read about it when a newspaper publisher decided to go 'opposition' and ran a whole series of articles about the subject in the run up to state elections - which the incumbent gahmen lost 😏

  12. On 8/27/2023 at 4:09 PM, JuliusWong said:

    Why not decentralise the decision making to each respective Wilayah for them to make their own decision? Sink or swim they will be responsible themselves.

    With regard to this issue and particularly in Sabah context, I fear 'sink' may prove dominant over 'swim'

    My fear is tgat if they do go headlong into this, the proverbial bottomless pit will be opened up ..... 😕

  13. 1 hour ago, Alif A. F. said:

    The way that Sabah Air Chairman announces the plan to the media, is so...typical 'kedai kupi' talk, with plenty of, .....?



    “We are just thankful that foreign investments have been lucrative for Sabah under the leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor, enabling us to fly further,”

    I don't quite catch the correlation ?! 😏



    The very lucrative KL-KK route is now served by MAS, Firefly, Airasia and MyAir.

    Overly flattering for the insect, oblivious towards the textile design 😁



    “I know some good aviation engineers and pilots from Papar and Penampang, most of whom are women. Won’t you be proud as a Sabahan to have them serving their own State?




    “Initial plans are nightly schedules, 10pm flights for example, as air traffic is clear meaning cheaper flights. 

    Can someone help me out here please ?! 😉




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