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  1. A super rare movement at TGG. Le Tour de Langkawi logistic support flight on 7th Feb 2020 from KCH. TUDM C130 was first to arrived carrying cargo load of stuff for the race. The star of the day, MASkargo A330-200F 9M-MUD arrived around 2040ish. I believe this is the first time for MASkargo A332F to land here. As 9M-MUD arrived, the C130 is prepared to leave. Few minutes after the C130 left, another MH B738 arrived from KCH carrying the race personnel . Man I really excited to see TGG apron was this busy :') AK6229 pushed back for return flight to KUL Around 2300ish cargo unloading is done, 9M-MUD alone in apron, preparing to leave. And she leave about 2330.
  2. Blame on the share swap fiasco in 2011. Dont think Alan Joyce want to do a business here again.
  3. Hm this is weird, I cant edit my previous post. Anyway, here is the continuation. 9M-MTI as MH5002 6/3/2019 Go around. 9M-MTD, MH5002 20/2/2019
  4. TGG airport has become a playground for MH (sometime AK) pilots performing the touch and go, go around, and full stop landing. While the B737-800 is common, recently MH upgrade their aircraft to A330-300. Something not to be missed. Here some of the shots captured on two separate occasion.
  5. Rare, interesting movement on 24/7. Weststar Boeing 767-200 2-TSSA royal charter flight. Had to scrambled back home to grab the camera and managed to catch her in time before take off.
  6. Air Caraibes fit 10 seat abreast on their A350. What makes it different from D7 LCC configurations?
  7. Thanks for the info MIR. There was some sort like Paratrooper graduation day today. Too bad I was at the wrong side of the AD. I didn't know they were open the gate for public to enter the airside (limited to the apron) of previous flight school hangar.
  8. AirAsia 9M-AJS wearing the "Let's Fly To Terengganu" livery was celebrated in TGG today. She came twice as AK6228/29 and AK6226/27. As AK6228/29 While waiting the arrival of AK6226. As AK6226/27, celebrated with water cannon salute. But dunno why when the aircraft already 3/4 passed the trucks only then the water is sprayed. Thanks for viewing.
  9. Not really a high altitude spotting as it was only about 2,000 ft above. Opening my 2018 account with Asia Cargo Express 9M-GSA doing some round of touch and go at TGG, spot from my parent's house balcony. Weather this morning was very wet and gloomy tho. Kinda surprise to have a B737-400 equipped with ADS-B. This aircraft was able to be tracked on Flightradar.
  10. Isnt QF itself interested to make a JV with MH prior to joining OneWorld, establishing premium short haul airlines with A320 fleet and build up the 2nd satellite terminal but was setback due to the share swap thingy with AK? Would QF want to have another round to talk about it?
  11. I could only see this ban as a dirty trick plied by the US carriers since they lost the ground with those big boys from ME.
  12. The original KLIA Aeropolis masterplan. A well balanced concept IMO. Shame it didnt materialise today.
  13. Ah yes you're right. I was only looking at the top portion of the picture on the link given.
  14. Any reason why KIX-HNL sector didnt carry the same flight number as KUL-KIX?
  15. With high volume of users during peak hours, dont think passengers to airport would be please to stand up all the way from XKL, or to wait to catch another train if ones already packs with people.
  16. There was one time I saw MH A380 parked at C25 for loading purpose.
  17. IINM bay A2 is used by foreign carrier when there is VVIP/medical emergency case movement on board.
  18. Makes me wonder why MH doesn't use smaller regional jet? Isn't our local market wasn't really that big so by using smaller jet with less seat surely is more economical rather than using bigger but empty jet.
  19. Ah yes, forgot about the airlines authentication stamp on the manual boarding pass. Thanks for highlighting about it. If local airlines conduct manual flight exercise more regularly the public should be aware of it especially in this age of social media. Ignorance is not always the bliss especially for the already beaten pr airlines.
  20. Handwritten boarding pass is a norm as a manual boarding pass in case of system failure. Many airlines did it regularly as a drill for the staff dont see any fuss with it.
  21. Was followed up the final MH19 and MH21 flights then I stumbled upon this. Didnt know TK is leasing MH A332F.
  22. As March 2015 all full service carrier in KUL allow interlining baggage check in to final destination except when flying on LCC and not departing from different airport (eg arrival on CDG departing ORY). Just remember to show the check in luggage tag to next respective airlines for them to update into their system and check again while at boarding gate. But the best is to ask again the carrier while check in at first departure point to avoid trouble. Hope it help doc.
  23. Anyone know what is their callsign? Cant be RAYANI AIR as its sound lot like RYANAIR or is it ok because of different operation region?
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