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  1. I will be at SIN from 26th - 28th Feb.. any confirmation of the place & time???
  2. yr Welcome Shamil... perhaps can go spotting at OBS or weather station. Any plan everyone... I'm quite new maybe need some guide to spot there.
  3. Hi Guys... Thanks for the picture.. keept it coming... can't make it this time...
  4. Hi Guys... My first attempt to go spotting at Anjung Tinjau. Sorry for the pic quality. Still in learning process. Jelly Fish.... Hope everybody enjoy it. Please give any comment. Still in learning process. Bye.
  5. crystal clear bro... nice one.. luv to be at yr place....
  6. nice shot Azahan... love the details.....
  7. waaa so fast ka... maybe he doing it check-up or training like their Big Mama before....
  8. As per the enrich newsletter, the services will began on 15th Nov
  9. Hi Guys, Thanks for the beginning of new era of night's spotting. Cheers.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm so jealous of your exiting gathering and birthday party at ASIA cafe. Wish to be there. Anyway hope the excitement will be the same for tomorrow afternoon session at ATC tower. I'll be there around afternoon.
  11. nice shot of a rare bird, kept it coming
  12. Nice Picture guys..... make me tak taahannn to go to Phuket......
  13. Post my banner. Azizul thanks for the invitation.
  14. Yer lah me too.. Name: Arfian Abdul Rahman Location: Bandar Tasik Puteri (flight path of Subang Arrival) (Always saw Transmile flew over) Camera: Nikon F65D
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