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  1. I'm wondering what will happen to the engineers. Will they get the boot from Airbus...? and perhas later hired by Boeng as heroes hehehe...<----just kidding 30 knots? makes me wonder if its at full t/off speed or something....scary.
  2. Good point on the chronology there Sofian. By the way i think its PFI(Private Funding Initiative) and not FPI I know this SZB BullS will come sooner or later from AK. The moment i read a press release a few days back mentioning that LCCT is maxed out , i know this article will come next. Ohh i miss my days doing tactical PR/Media. I'm writing about this AK strategy in detail in my blog later today..
  3. Is this another typo? don't really get this slide..
  4. I was browsing Air Asia Qtryly reports for some info on my research and i found this slide. Sorry if it's already been posted before. A classic case of cut and paste but forgot to edit? also i did a short review on the latest Fireflyz vs AK battle..
  5. correct me if i'm wrong but each drivers have their own helmets and each helmet has its own design..what will happen if the team changes driver?
  6. One big improvement. start saying yes to my resume after numerous times of submissions. ok i;m emotional love this topic. i'll contribute some of my ideas later tonight
  7. Nice photos.. I saw the 'Kapten Gatal' As Seen on YouTube' as well.. i actually laughed when i saw him...luckily im a guy, so im quite safe from being 'touched' hahaha
  8. I went to the KL Air Carnival on SAturday, Paid RM10 for entrance, spent some time on the x-plane flight sim, no one was manning the thing and i saw few kids around so i showed them some flying although i have to admit x-plane is quite different from FS04. I got to know there were no fighters but still i spent some time looking at the GA planes and later paid RM100 for a 20mins joyride on a Cessna. Nothing interesting but i think its worth my RM10. ohh there were also some acrobatic show before the rain comes in for a while.
  9. Sad thing but yeah accident happens.
  10. IMHO Malaysia Airports is doing this to comply with international standard, as many airports already have it. We don;t want to read any news report somehwere in the world higlighting that "Malaysia is a terrorist gateway" since our airport restrictions are not as strict as Dubai for example. So in my opinion all this is just "cover my own @ss" kind of thing The fact that its only for international flights makes me wonder if this ban is solely because of safety...u don't care about those little 737 babies flying domestic?
  11. funny. give the stewardess our version of kari kepala ikan kampung pandan, and lets see what happens to the plane... i'm sure this little incident is being exagerated by The Sun.
  12. Attan Akmar? is is the same attan akmar that is famous in cyberspace for aviation stuff..?
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