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  1. The 1st link that you gave for "how to become a pilot" has 2 missing pages. The PDF from DCA is a complete one.
  2. I agree. I've seen similar 'parade' of bangladeshis at KLIA for few times already. There was even one time when a family of 'mat salleh' commented "Talk about fair human rights!". I was so humiliated. They may be illegals but they are still human. I even saw some of the officers wearing face-mask as if they are dealing with animals rather than humans.
  3. but again i'm not believing everything that i read over forums on the internet.
  4. I find this useful for me as well as i'm looking for a flight club/school for PPL.
  5. I actually voted for Snack Box. I love the presentation and kind of ok with the food when i'm flying not on meal time. Ok i go hide in a cave....
  6. I was traveling on a domestic MH flight with a guy from Denmark few weeks back and we discussed about this thing. Funny how he mentioned that he prefers to have this kind of 'light' snacks (etc: sandwiches) instead of hot meals on a short flight. It's much healthier and light for a business trip. Well i did not agree with him definitely. After all we Asians need real meal! haha. How to improve? Probably by serving this only on domestic flights or improving the quality of snacks. Throw in a ala Subway SAndwich for flights on mealtime (lunch/dinner). MHO
  7. It's not carrying porn that bothers me...it's carrying Child Porn with titles like “Reped Virgin”, “10-Year Old” and “High School Students.” that annoys me. It's just sick to watch child porn. Anyway, i believe he is innocent until proven otherwise.
  8. I'm ok on the 23rd. Preferable Piper but Cessna is ok as well.
  9. My experience traveling in and out of Australia, they do check people randomly or whenever they were alereted or tipped of. I've heard stories on how a student got caught with a pirated sotware CD inside the laptop CD tray.
  10. Oh my God. He can have as many porn movies as he want but to have child-porn is just sick.
  11. I wonder who design AK and MH aircrafts special livery? is it the same creative agencies that design the marketing collaterals?
  12. Forgot to include my plane preference. Either one is ok but i hope it;s not 9M-RED coz i got tons of photos being on it during last KL Air Carnival Joyride. But if there's no choice, i dont mind.
  13. I'm interested. Count me in. Hopefully i won't be away that saturday.
  14. i saw him (if i got the same person) wearing gloves and cap while piloting the F50.. very cool.
  15. When i flew with Firefely last time from SZB-JHB, the same capt gave a similar announcement. I have no issues with it at all and so does other passengers. He felt bad for the bad conditions of the interior of the F50 but never did he mentioned that the plane is being unsafe or whatever.
  16. I don't know why but in my heart, i always have MH on top of AK or any other airlines. A bit of patriotic sentiments towards the National Airline i believe. Not to say that i hate AK coz i do travel AK a lot but somehow there are few AK marketing/branding strategies that is misleading to my eyes and just makes me lose respect to them. It's only my personal views though. Nevertheless, it's not always MH bashing here. I do have posted my 'excellent service' letter to firefly on this site and it can now also be read on Firefly website.
  17. ahh great opportunity but too bad im not a finance/economics graduate. I hope this topic can be maintained as i'm really looking for job
  18. Awesome photos. To be chosen to fly the F1 team, Man Utd are just clear recognitions of how good MH charter service is. Can't wait for more photos. p/s: my fav pic would have to be those FAs
  19. I think Firefly application was rejected by the Govt due to its low capacity aircraft. Why carry 50 pax when u can carry more on a limited slots right? After all TF will be one furious guy if Firefly was given 1 flight leaving AK with only one.
  20. Tried looking at their website but could not find any...any specific link?
  21. Interesting topic indeed although my list is definitely shorter than many. Air Asia A320, B733 MAS B734, B772, A333, A332, B744 Firefly - F50 Emirates - AB6, A330, B772 Saudi Arabia - MD11, B743 United Airlines - B752, B733, CRJ200 Air Canada - A320, Uzbekistan Airways - A310
  22. If i am in Fireflyz brand/marketing team, i'll start a very aggresive media campaign highlighting the benefits of flying Ex-SZB....this is the time to eat those tiny market shares all this while own by AK.....would be great if Fireflyz can have a couple more planes at the immediate term and start giving AK a run for their money. If i am in AK Brand/Marketing team, i'll start a media/PR campaign highligting the immediate need for a new LCCT. They are doing it already but they need to do more. Daily newspaper report on how Singapore is becoming the region's hub for LCCT and Malaysia is losing bcoz of capacity in LCCT. All these plus some top level pressure by DAtuks and TF to the Govt to push the idea of AK oprating from SZB... IMHO, AK should not freak out. Fireflyz has a long way to go before they can seriously challenge AK. AK should utilize on the advaantage of LCCT being its connectivity to other Intl flights, convinence shuttle to the City (ERL, and 9.99 shuttle), route network of AK connecting to ASEAN destinations. These factors alone will hinder Fireflyz strategy. AK brand team should use these rather than the recent marketing campaign focusing on LCCt being comfortable and NEW. Come on we all know LCCT is NEW but far from comfortable. ahh too bad all MH, Fireflyz and AK rejected my CV when i applied for a brand/marketing job. Otherwise i would love to be in action. My prediction: 1) MH will protest to the Govt saying that SZB should be for Turboprops only. 2) AK will continue to lobby. 3) Govt give way and allow limited AK flights from SZB 4) AK wants more...Passenger wants more.... 5) Govt allow re-opening of SZB as LCCt airport...full operation 6) Fireflyz struggle and end up competing in Non-AK routes together with Berjaya These will happen say in 2 years period. I don't see any rapid shange soon. We'll see..
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