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  1. It's great to see AK coming out with spcial livery all the time. Bring more colors to othewise fading KUL.
  2. I was on M737 for 6 flights last week and 5 of it was on planes with the new seat cover. While the joke about "smarties" made a good ice-breaking conversation with the cabin crew, it is indeed a bit too much for my eyes. However it does give a refreshing and new look to the old interior. That i have to agree.
  3. I welcome the SZB-JHB flights. That would make life easier for me to commute to my 2nd office. And cheaper as well. Let's hope its there to stay not like when they first introduced it last year.
  4. Nice plane. Can use by FRU as well to create more peaceful Malaysia
  5. From MAlaysiaKini Any publicity is good publicity...
  6. I purchased my tickets via the website last night and managed to select seats. Whether i will get the seats on the day itself will be another story. I always do self-check-in and hava managed to secure my seats quite easily. the only thing that i noticed is i can't get rows 26 and 27 whenever i do self-check in. Row 25 always show as the last rown on the screen.
  7. Yes, you're right. Thanks When i googled, most calendars have oct 1st as Hari Raya. i'm quite safe i guess. It's just on wikipedia and a few sites that list hari raya on 2nd of october. i can just pray for the moon to show itself on the right day! hehe
  8. I just bought my tickets and i think im in trouble. I have to attend an event in singapore on oct 2nd. so i bought my tickets AOR-KUL-SIN on oct 1st afternoon thinking that i will celebrate my 1st day hari raya in AOR with my family then fly in the afternoon to SIN. Then i noticed certain calendar indicate hari raya on the 2nd of october instead of 1st october which will ruin my whole plan. Is there anhywhere i can check when is hari raya probably gonna fall on? i know it will be based on the sighting of the moon but there's always some calculation 'ahli falak' which has high probability. i really hope it will fall on 1st otherwise nothing i can do actually as no refunds and no changes!
  9. yeah i am overreacting a bit. Of course i'm all for saving the planet. I do my bit, i celebrate earth hour, i go for walk in FRIN once in a while. I love nature. The only little thing that bothers me about whole AK campaign is how they use mother earth to justify profit-related actions. In particular the RM3/5 for check-in baggage. I've seen a few of those shuttle busses (KL Sentral - LCCT) which produces quite thick smoke. why don't replace those with more eco-frieldly busses and then i have respect for their CSR effort. But then again its jsut my personal opinion and when it comes to contribution to mother earth, every lil things count!
  10. I feel good flying with AK. I paid RM3 for my bags to save the world! I pre-ordered my Nasi Lemak to save the world, I use online-check-in to save the world. I have saved the world! What's next? No air-con in planes and LCCT so we can save the world? or no pilots smoking outside of LCCT so we can save the plant from little smoke? aiya......
  11. hmm luckily everone in air and ground are ok. Well, what doesnt kill you just makes you a better pillot
  12. Yeah i saw the flybpast rehearsel and run to my manager's room to check out the free air show from my 37th floow office.
  13. I saw this book sometime last month in MPH. I can find more information here on Mwings and on the Internet rather than the book. It's all things that i already know or read about somewhere. The smart thing about the author and the book is that they are a bit richer thanks to this simple book.
  14. OT: Montgomery Burns? hahahah lol...you just made me laugh like crazy at 7am in the morning! On the seats, it's in trial mode, but i personally like it. Yeah maybe i have bad colour taste or bad fashion sense, but i think it's different and not so bad when you have people sitting on the seats.
  15. Maybe i have bad fashion sense, but i think it's kind of fresh from the existing seat cover which is boring IMO. but i think they should limit the color and not make it random.
  16. This one just politician talk. I don't think its going to happen anytime soon. Probably peak-season special flights only. My 2 sen
  17. And the media war continues... Cute...very cute.. p/s: taken from my blog. sorry for the label on the photo, automatic action on photoshop Do we have a specific topic tracking all the media ads on AK and MH? i love to start one if wee dont have it already.
  18. I remember listening to: Blue - All Rise Leann Rimes - Can;t Fight The Moonlight the customized station reminds me of shopping in Giant Hypermarket hehe
  19. Take ur toys ? go tell ur mama.... ayaaa fight like a man la....
  20. Any indication of PErth becoming the next Air Asia X destination? I thought India will be next on Air Asia X list. I was wrong i guess. Also initially i though they'll start Bali - Perth or JAkarta -Perth or something using existing A320.
  21. Yeah, i noticed that. I think MAS has similar arrangement where during half time shows of EPL i can see MH branding. Anyway these are promoting the companies, its not the same as promoting Malaysia, isnt it?
  22. Wow..... Hot Sexy Old Livery MH 747 Model Plane
  23. Yup...as much as im an MH fan, i do still fly with AK on my 'low-cost' personal flights/holidays. It would be interesting to see a sub-zero offers by AK in the next few days. My guess is that they are going to offer FREE tickets and no surcharge. Only pay airport tax. That would be wild!
  24. That's the best respond TF can give? Come on... "However, he said AirAsia, which could be regarded as a national carrier, "cannot be defeated by fares as its cost structure was clear."" Arrogant and i hate it when AK kept repeating that they could be regarded as national airline. National airline include RAS service and it's still fresh in my mind how you screwed that up BIG TIME! "AirAsia spent A$320,000 to promote Malaysia's tourism industry" Anyone knows the breakdown being published anywhere? i wonder how they get this high figure? painting of the VMY2007 aircraft included? However, he said "competition must be everywhere, not just where MAS chooses it to be. Bring it on. Domestic? I'll fly firefly whenever i can since i'm a SZB airport and Fokker 50 fan, Business Travel? I fly MH as it offers me lots of flexibility and i earn my Enrich miles, Holiday Trip? I fly MH or other full airlines since holiday means relaxing trips not LCCT (Puduraya 2) Long distance? I'm still waiting for AK to compete here....lots of talk, not many being offered yet, manchester la, india la. RAS? I'll fly on MASWings or local aviation which dont simply cancel flight like some company named FAX last time. Just my personal opinion
  25. yup...all this while, MH has been using FY to counter AK's media game. Now MH is joining the fun
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