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  1. I strongly agree Federal Government issue another LCC license, but please don't become a GLC company again, private would be best...
  2. If not mistaken according to the Contract Act 1950 and the improvement Consumer Protection (Amendment) Bill 2010 This two act is enough to protect our consumer by set aside the unfair contract Term and Condition. The problem is in the consumer awareness is not as United Kingdom, they fully utilizes the power given by law。 The attitude in Malaysia is half loaf is better then no bread. If not mistaken again, few year ago in a Consumer Tribunal Case AirAsia is lose on this situation. Somebody was bought the ticket at the promotion price, but the next promotion the price is cheaper then the early one. That consumer was complained into the tribunal and finally get the compensation from the AirAsia because he is feel cheated by AirAsia
  3. PEN scan every hand luggage except the hand bag..
  4. B747 may landed in PEN but it is unable to land with full load..(maximum weight)
  5. PEN Airport runway is not longer enough for a full loading B747
  6. and i still remember it still got PEN-LHR.. some of the people said, after build the KLIA, MAS was ordered by the government all the flight should take off from KLIA to boost the traffic in there, if not KLIA will become a big white elephant.
  7. This is what i saw when i visit to Toulouse past few day..
  8. this is not a divert flight, it is a direct from PEN to FNJ charter flight on last year September
  9. seem like only PEN will simply put cargo pellets..=.= it is quite messy. but correct it was in Penang International Airport on last September Other photo for FNJ Pyongyang Sunan Airport
  10. 70pax normally is the foreigner or government officer, their citizen is strictly prohibited travel to oversea in their mind you may found that North Korean resident they admission that their country is excellent than other Every citizen in North Korea they will wear the badge of Kim II Sung, this is the interest part...
  11. this is some where in Malaysia Airport other than KLIA, guess where it is... it is a funny picture, i still remember that when i boarding this aricraft, KE Cargo flight B747 beside Air Koryo, it is so big comapare to Air Koryo aircraft.. some photo of their aircraft..
  12. after PEN made the partition between the international flight and the domestic flight, it is quite messy inside the airport. sometime when you gate is not enough, you have to wait in the other side, than the staff of related airline like airasia will guild you into the site. mean some domestic flight will use international gate provided the staff guild you to related gate.
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