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  1. Hi all, Today fresh out of Seattle this beauty arrived at 9AM. Sneaked out of the office to get some shots of it to share with you guys. KC thanks for editing while I was working Best Regards, Mischa Sorry now with photo.......
  2. Hi all, The KLM pilots are really puttning their newest toy to the test . lol Refards, Mischa
  3. Selamat Pagi, Some recent shots of last night and a few days back............ Brand new Emb 190 of Baboo and a classic NW 742 milatairy charter from Kuwait. And of course the summer lease of Sun Country. Enjoy, Mischa.
  4. Hi Pieter, Wow i am soooooo jealous of you for the possibility of the chance you have to photograph inside the airport haha. What a beauty it is now. Sure a fast job hor. Within a week a full change of colour. Nice to see the Sun Country back at AMS. Hopefully this season it is not affraid of my camera. lol. Mischa
  5. Hi All, Here are some pictures of Sunday the 13th of April. Including the Primera 767 before the paintjob. Also an AF 744 for maintenance and an upgraded BA flight from LHR. Greets, Mischa
  6. Uncle Sim.....the shots of the departing A 380 are stunning. Will keep an eye on the radar screen if possible to see the beast flying over AMS inbound LHR. If...........................the weather is cooperative.
  7. Hi all, Just saw the Hibiscus today at Amsterdam. This plane has departed with a major delay of 5 hours. I know normally this flight arrives pre dawn so here is an opporunity fort the photgraphers to catch this bird. Best regards, Mischa
  8. A very happy birthday to all the Malaysian Wings members. I still enjoy all the beautiful shots taken by you all wich brings back a lot of memories from 2 years ago already Time flies so fast All the best and keep on doing this great work. I love every miniture when i am browsing you site. Best regards. Mischa
  9. Cheers for all those beautiful shots you have post here all together. I can't wait to be back at Changi in February Mischa
  10. Good morning Pieter, Very nice shot of the 3 degrees. Did you take that at the Vijfhuizerweg along the taxiway to 36L? It is so cute to see those 3 Fokkers together. Defenately one of my favorite aircraft. Will you try to cath the RJ A 340 today?
  11. Beautiful shots guys. I love the classic 727, and of course the Belanda Fokker
  12. Hi guy's, This is an airshot of the new airport. Made it last June on the way to Don Muang. http://myaviation.net/?pid=00853248 Sorry for the quality, but things are not always going as wanted lol. Mischa.
  13. Hi Pieter, That is a pity to hear. I do love alomost every Russian build aircraft and theya are getting so rare now here in Werstern Europe already.
  14. I have also read that in many forums already. Hopefully they will wait at least till after the summer season.
  15. Hi Raymond, Beautiful photos from my beloved Changi. I love those nightshots from the terminal. Next February i will bring my tripod there also to practice some nightshots too. I'm very envy about the 9V-SPP shots. That aircraft is always on the run when i am in the area with my camera lol. Changi beach is defenately one of the best places to be when the sun is turning into that nice orange colour. It gives a very nice effect on the aircrafts. Keep on posting the great photo's. Mischa
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