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  1. Not yet but will flying to same destination later, under registration as VP-BYW
  2. One of Indonesia Airasia X A330 PK-XRA is currently at MAB hangar, undergoes maintenance and will be transfer to AAX after check is complete.
  3. The replacement for 777 is already in place. they have ordered 13 A350-1000 with options for 25 more aircraft. Likely 772 will be replaced by 359 and 773 will be replaced by 35K. Early 359 frame configuration is catered for regional/domestic sectors.
  4. Had worse experience than this, 9M-MTZ once bound to Taipei as MH366, supposely to take off on 9:30am but delayed to 3 pm after 3 failed rejected takeoff attempt. Imagine of 5 hours inside aircraft because passengers cant disembark the aircraft.
  5. Yes, but unlikely to get main landing gear change for MTY. A330-300 is quite buzy lately as MH gonna has wifi installation
  6. MTZ undergoes installation of centre overhead bins at business section + other package as well.
  7. My apology. I forgot to link the source. Here it is; https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2019/09/518721/kl-5th-worlds-most-visited-city-bangkok-takes-top-spot-mastercard
  8. Kuala Lumpur is 5th most visited city in the world after Bangkok, Paris, London and Singapore. Market is there but need proper strategy
  9. I hope MAHB can learn some lesson from this incident. Overdue upgrade is one reason plus multi layer management prolong the process. Well, it's just few days after 21 Anniversary.
  10. Saudia in the GDS and schedule listing has filed preliminary service for Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner aircraft. Preliminary filing currently displays the -10 aircraft operating Kuala Lumpur Jeddah route, effective from 29MAR20. The configuration of 787-10 Dreamliner is C24Y333. SV834 JED0205 1545KUL 787 D SV842 JED0755 2135KUL 789 x236 SV840 JED1305 0245+1KUL 787 D SV841 KUL0425 0745JED 787 D SV835 KUL1720 2040JED 787 D SV843 KUL2315 0235+1JED 789 x236 SV834/835 is not available for reservation. The third 787-10 carrier to be deployed at KUL after SIA and Etihad although they are for familiarization/seasonal flight.
  11. Malaysia Airlines in Northern winter 2019/20 season plans to increase Kuala Lumpur – Auckland service, with the addition of 8th weekly flight, operating from 07DEC19 to 29FEB20 (KUL departure). From 27OCT19, the airline will once again split operational schedule to morning and evening departure. MH133 KUL0825 – 2355AKL 332 x357 MH145 KUL2045 – 1205+1AKL 332 x146 MH132 AKL0110 – 0715KUL 332 x146 MH144 AKL1320 – 1930KUL 332 x257 MH133 on Day 6, MH132 on Day 7 operates from 07DEC19 to 01MAR20.
  12. Expected to arrived KUL today with static display for invited guests on the next day.
  13. And the first aircraft going to be is 9M-LGC which just arrived from factory few days back.
  14. The bump was a radome to house new gen Inmarsat's GX Aviation Inflight Broadband, which will gradually to be installed on A320 and A330. Previous wifi available A320 was equipped with older gen Inmarsat SwiftBroadband which the bump is not obvious.
  15. As far as I knew, MH613 will operates daily with A330-200/300 starting 15 June/19.
  16. I actually love the idea of MH being premium and FY as LCC/ULCC. Premium carrier having subsidiary of LCC is uprising practices in this century as premium quite struggling nowdays. Latest news I heard is Air Astana introduced FlyArystan as their new LCC.
  17. For some reasons, Changi stands out than the rest because it's the only international airport in the country with exception of Seletar. All the resources and spending will go mainly to Changi airport. While for KLIA, MAHB has many airports scattered all around Malaysia. What people say, less quantity, more quality. It's hard for KLIA to catch out with the rest.
  18. KLIA dropped to no 54 World Best Airports by Skytrax from no 44 last year.
  19. Just revive back Firefly turbojet operations. This should cater all domestic routes in East & West Malaysia which are price sensitive while MAB solely focus on international routes.But.... it was my unrealised dream.
  20. And I confirmed that KUL-PER served the salted peanuts. The anchovies are served in different packet of red colour.
  21. On December 18, MAB has been awarded air traffic right from KUL to DPS +7 weekly, BKK +4 weekly, NKG +1 weekly and SYX 2x weekly. All will commence on Mar 19. So, DPS is the first one to go official.
  22. And of course to stand up or on par with upcoming SIA narrowbody fleet from the Silk Air merging.
  23. I was weird that KK is booming with Korean air carrier for Seoul route but MH didnt serve the route even as a charter.
  24. Airasia to set up Airasia Engineering Complex at vacant area next to CAE. Nakano Construction Sdn Bhd who responsible for Mitsui Phase 2 construction is in charge for this project. But I cant see or find any plan/photo for this project.
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