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    2. Skysnax is cancelled too. This is replaced with a selection of snacks, which the cabin crew will be offering passengers from a big basket. Not all passengers get it because some might miss the run due to sleeping or not paying attention.


    SQ has been doing this for years. Guess it will reduce catering cost as not all passengers will be keen in the snacks and MH can reduce the uplift of snacks.

  2. Read unconfirmed news that the Italian pax who was supposedly on the flight was not even flying then. Apparently he claimed his passport was lost and it could have been used by someone else.





    Through Google Translate

    "The Italian is not among the missing

    Among the passengers of 14 nationalities, 153 had a Chinese passport. The list also resulted an Italian, Luigi Maraldi, '77: but the man phoned to reassure parents to feel good and be in Thailand. Maraldi in recent months had reported the theft of his passport, which took place on August 1 last year, while in the Asian country. Back in Italy, he obtained a new document in Ravenna, where he took up residence in the meantime, then returned to Thailand. This morning the staff of the Commissioner of Cesena went to her parents' home, but they were the same parents to tell the police that the young man had called just before to say he was fine and he was in Thailand. One hypothesis is therefore that it is on the list of persons on board because someone came on board the aircraft using his passport stolen."

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