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  1. Thanks I wish Vietnam will have more US birds Now we just have some UH-1 like below
  2. Su27 taking off Phu Cat airbase Landing af ter an excercise Braking by parachute Rolling And back to hangar
  3. Most of them are in the North and Middle of Vietnam. But near Ho Chi Minh city (30km only) there is Bien Hoa airbase with latest Su30. I have no MIG.
  4. Birds: we are smaller but higher than the below monster
  5. Thanks. Yes I had some photos on the AFM December 2011. Payment has been transferred to my Paypal account and it has been lost when I withdrew the money to my ATM account due to unknown reason I have not yet received even the complimentary magazine Dec 2011 to see my photos. Do you have the magazine?
  6. Thanks Norman. Just came back from Langkawi yesterday, and spent Monday morning spotting at the location you marked near the fence, opposite to the tower, and nearly 2 hours spotting in the terminal where I had very good photo of small propeller aircrafts taxing. No problem met with scanner. Will post photos later.
  7. Another question: any problem if i use my scanner near the airport?
  8. Would like to know, during this time which runway is likely to be used, 21 or 03 for landing & taking off?
  9. Yes I see, however I do not know where it is on the map.
  10. Why not AN-26, reg 276, taken from new location Moonlight cafe near Tan Son Nhat airport, tele 400mm Reg: 276
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