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  1. USNavy P3 at Subang at around 15:15
  2. Could you please share the link with the photo you are refering too? Second question what is the reg or c/n of this prototype?
  3. According to the facebook website the pictures show the HS-TPD c/n RK-294 as the Beechjet.This aircraft was damaged by the floods.
  4. Looking for the identity of the following aircraft around the maintenance areas B737-200 orange tail with green palmtrees B737-400 ex Malaysia Airlines bare metal colours B737 with blue fuselage and yellow tittles B737-400 Shaheen is this still 9M-MMN? B747 parked near the end of rwy 15 B747 parked at MH maintenance
  5. Would like to know the reg or c/n of the following Eagle 150B aircraft in order to complete database; c/n 023 N152EA reported to have been transferred to 9M-... 026 N156EA reported to have been transferred to 9M-.... 030 9M-BEQ or 9M-BES before changing to HS-YEA 036 N151EF reported to have been transferred to 9M-... 037 9M-... 038 9M-BEQ or 9M-BES before changing to HS-YEB 039 N93SQ reported to have been transferred to 9M-... M1001 VH-PMI to 9M-... M1002 VH-ZUL to 9M-... ???? 9M-ACA ???? 9M-BDO ???? 9M-BDP ???? 9M-BDQ ???? 9M-BDS ???? 9M-BDU ???? 9M-BDV ???? 9M-BEA ???? 9M-BEF ???? 9M-BEK ???? 9M-BEN ???? 9M-BEO ???? 9M-BEP ???? 9M-BER ???? 9M-BET ???? 9M-BEU ???? 9M-BEV W/O 9/3/2010 ???? 9M-BEX ???? 9M-BEY ???? 9M-KAP ???? 9M-KDN ???? M51-01 ???? M51-02 ???? M51-03 ???? Full scale mock up at the Terengganu State Museum
  6. Excellent, thanks for the quick responce. Additional information on the FM-1904 at the Taiping Museum. During my visit to the museum 30/7/2005 I inspected the plane and under the paint on the nose wheel door 04 could be read. This confirmes that it's the real one.
  7. Is it possible to provide the GPS coordinates from where this picture was taken? Would like to visit this place during my next trip to Malaysia this summer.
  8. As I was in KL during the display an was not able to get all the serial of the aircraft which took part. Could you get the numbers of the follow in aircraft from your photos yoy took? 1) The Allouette III 3x with the S61A-4. 2) PDRM 3x C208 3) SU30 3x
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