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  1. Seriously CAPA? AK affected by RN presence?
  2. TR for RN groundbreaking flight to KBR.... including both business and economy class products. In BM only... http://denai.my/penerbangan-pertama-rayani-air-ke-kota-bharu/
  3. The smarties seats are back!! https://www.facebook.com/Malaysia.Airports.Holdings.Berhad/photos/a.114160488776166.1073741829.112926392232909/450614591797419/?type=3&theater
  4. It's online peeps http://rayaniair.com/rairweb/index.php ... But would only start to fly from Dec 20 from RM 51 ex-KUL to KBR and LGK
  5. This beauty never flown anywhere else commercially before? It is an honour for KUL!
  6. I thought I saw Boeing 787 on their wikipedia entry...
  7. I always felt that EK is always an unofficial "flag carrier" of Malaysia since they mounted up to 4x daily flights... speaking of irony tho!
  8. I think it is more to fed-up rather than get bored
  9. Hmm... so now also can expecting MH's A380s fully deployed to DXB like QF's?
  10. Here is an interesting "inside" story... Sorry, just can find it in Malay language http://www.siakapkeli.my/2015/12/sumber-dedah-13-pilot-airasia-selsema.html Highlights: "Ramai yang bosan kerja di sini. Jadi banyak ambil cuti sakit untuk membuktikan sesuatu. 13 juruterbang jatuh sakit dan syarikat bakal rebah," kata sumber itu. Ramai juruterbang tidak berpuas hati dengan persekitaran kerja dalam AirAsia dan cara mereka melayan juruterbang dan anak kapal( bekerja terlalu keras) dan ada fleksibiliti. "Mereka terlalu letih tetapi terpaksa bekerja lebih masa atau gaji terpaksa menerima gaji yang sedikit, pihak pengurusan sebelum ini ada menaikkan sedikit gaji tetapi amsih jauh dengan gaji yang ditawarkan berbanding dengan syarikat penerbangan lain," kata sumber kepada Malaysiakinidan KiniBiz."
  11. I think it is more like a title of a song from Tan Sri SM Salim...
  12. Some said never buy anything made in China but Airbus also has a factory there. Details: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/11/02/asia/china-new-c919-passenger-jet/index.html?sr=fbCNN110215china-new-c919-passenger-jet0934PMVODtopLink&linkId=18449333
  13. On MH flights, did the Muslim crews are also serving alcohol? Cause I used to see some did...
  14. Welcome Back NH! https://www.facebook.com/flyworld.ana/posts/10153597914365536:0
  15. It seems like they are having a great flight! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcN3s1FKWoI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2Hdz23ahTM
  16. Got LH and EK (sarcastically) so no worries...
  17. It is always a price to be paid for the status as 5 Star Airlines...
  18. Finally...major airlines order for commercial airplanes in LIMA. It is the first in LIMA history? I mean for commercial airplane order? Yet, I never heard any Boeing or Airbus orders during past edition of LIMA...
  19. Aircraft swap would be great too: MH A388 with TK 77W! Speaking about bridging the gap left by the "whale"...
  20. I am looking forward for B748 or A380 for their winter schedule!
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