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  1. Should be, if not Queen can always make a request to our Agung for immediate approval (just joking).
  2. If 5th freedom (KUL-SIN) is available then QF will be able to use BA service as the shutter for their Australian service via Sin & MH will be out of the picture (Provided the timing is right).
  3. China Southern Officially Joined Skyteam on today and became the 11th Full Members. http://www.skyteam.com/EN/aboutSkyteam/pre...er/pr151107.jsp
  4. Yes, I definitely have to agreed this. The options of either purchase 2 economy seats or upgrade to business class definitely the appropriate way to go, not only for the comfort of the obese passengers themselves but as a fair consideration for the innocent seat mates as well.
  5. Found a pretty interesting article from Australia news.com Call for airlines to charge passenger 'fat tax' OBESE airline passengers should be forced to pay a "fat tax" to cover the cost of transporting their excess weight, according to a controversial proposal by health experts. Calls for the tax - which would be determined per extra kilo, in the same way as excess baggage - come as obesity rates and fuel prices surge to new highs in Australia. But the radical proposal has also attracted a backlash from those who argue it discriminates against people with weight problems. Passengers are routinely charged hundreds of dollars for excess baggage and sports equipment, but their own weight is not measured. Dr John Tickell, an Australian expert in nutrition and weight-control, believes obese passengers should be liable for a penalty. "If you are going to charge for excess baggage, then charge fat people for excess weight," he told The Sunday Telegraph. "Airlines are buying fuel, and if you are carrying a heavy weight on a plane you have to pay more for it. "But, instead, the rest of the public is paying for it. It's got to be restricted." Budget airline Jetstar has fitted extra-wide seats to cater for the expanding size of customers, who have the option of buying two seats, or upgrading, if the space is too small. "Flight attendants in the US have to go down the aisle handing extension seatbelts out like headphones," Dr Tickell added. "And it's starting to happen here, too." Dr Tickell told of being charged $100 to check-in golf clubs on a flight, despite an obese passenger outweighing him and his golf clubs. Airlines are being forced to revise their projected passenger loads to calculate extra fuel needs. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority bans obese people from sitting in emergency exit rows on flights, as they could block other passengers from evacuating in an emergency. But Obesity Society chief Dr Tim Gill believes obese people should not be singled out for penalties. "Obesity is something airlines are taking very seriously, primarily because higher passenger loads affect their fuel consumption," he said. "But I think it would be inappropriate to put all the burden of those issues back on people who have the problem and to say you have to lose weight or buy two seats. "It's not fair to single out those people who have a problem, which is already impacting greatly on their life, and make them feel like pariahs." He suggested installing a few extra-large economy seats on each flight to cater for obese passengers. Jetstar spokesman Simon Westaway said airlines were monitoring changes in the population's weight. Adriano "Adro" Sarnelli, a former winner of Network Ten program The Biggest Loser - who lost more than 50kg - is against introducing a fat tax. "It's hard enough that they carry that extra weight, physically and emotionally," he said. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22735...ml?from=mostpop
  6. AK never failed to tease and embarrassed MH whenever they have the opportunities, hahaha.
  7. Thank goodness the plane didn't caught fire and explode.
  8. mmmm that means AK discourage their girls from wearing G-String.
  9. However should be enough if your fly with AK (provided if you are able to grab the special launched fare + willing to settle with LCC) + limit your spending & forget about the luxury of nice hotel + fine dining.
  10. These are some of the reasons I could think of: To save face (after being rejected by ST for membership). To save on the annual ST membership fees. To save the hassle - code share agreement is easier & faster to enter. etc etc
  11. Wow this is definitely a really good news for everyone.
  12. I second that, people there are just way too snobbish. Their neighbouring country - Taiwan & Macau definitely nicer (when it comes to people) compared to HKG.
  13. Plane skids off wet runway in East Java, forcing emergency evacuation MALANG, East Java (AP): A jetliner carrying 97 passengers and crew skidded off a rain-soaked runway at an airport in East Java Thursday, forcing an emergency evacuation in which five people received minor injuries, officials said. The Boeing 737-200's front axle snapped during the landing in a downpour at Malang airport. The Mandala Airlines aircraft skidded and overshot the runway by 80 meters, air force spokesman Capt. Wahyudi said. Five people suffered scrapes and bruises while exiting the plane, said Wahyudi, who like many Indonesians goes by one name. Officials at Mandala Airlines said the cause of the accident was being investigated. A series of airline accidents in Indonesia killed more than 100 people early this year, prompting the European Union to blacklist all its airlines. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration also downgraded the nation's rating to its lowest category. (***) http://www.thejakartapost.com/detailgenera...1916&irec=0
  14. I'm looking forward to see your letter published in the coming issues of Business Traveller.
  15. Instead of restrict your complain to local media, I would recommend you to post your complaint to Business Traveller magazine in their 'Letters' section. Not only you can voice out your concern/dissatisfaction to larger/more specific group of readers, the magazine will help to seek reply from the airline plus you'll have the chance to win great prizes if your letter is chosen as the 'Letter of the month'. The email address is : editorial@businesstravellerasia.com
  16. By looking at the newly 'revised' meal box, I'm wondering those who are impressed and interested to collect the mealbox earlier on (as collectible items) will have the interest to do so anymore, haha.
  17. Tour T3 Before It Open! Dates: 12 Nov to 9 Dec 2007 Opening Hours: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm (Weekdays) 9.00 am – 6.00 pm (Saturday and Sunday) Entrance Fee : Free for Public area. S$1 for self guided tour to restricted area (transit mall, common gate hold room, baggage arrival) - all donates to Singapore Cancer Society, S$3 if you choose to have guided tour. Website : http://www.changiairport.com/t3/openhouse/ Some of the greatest and most detailed pictures available online at http://www.sqtalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2578
  18. There's Eraman Duty Free inside the international waiting area and another at international arrival before custom. Other than that, not sure.
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