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  1. Mr Yang set a good example for the aviation industry and should follow by others. Too bad about the mingling from the royals
  2. I dont understand what is the joke on Firefly? Are you trying to change the topic or what? We're walking about terminal relocation here. The AUTHORITY issue order to move, you move. If you dont follow the rules, you either go to jail or pay hefty fines, which 'some people' get away too many times
  3. he is just the man who goes around the procedures, law, protocols on the malaysian aviation industries. how did he can get away with all the under the table dealing, close eye situation. dca / mot , what happen to u people??
  4. low bypass engines produce very loud sound compare to newer modern engines..such example are old B727s and B737s..some countries such in Europe banned this kind of aircraft from landing in airports that fitted with such engines
  5. Just let air asia park their aircraft out in the open with out the aerobridge,who cares any way. The areobridges at KLIA2 can be utilize by other low cost operators such as Firefly, Lion Air or who ever want the service. Its the Rakyat's tax money that build the airport,not tony fernandes'.
  6. sorry for being new here..but this guy is just being kiasu. there are rules and regulation in this world. why dont u just follow it mr fernandes like everyone else? its good enough the goverment is building KLIA2 on the cost of the Malaysian tax payer's money
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