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  1. How did they overlook this in the first place?
  2. With the new runway extension, I don't really know where to look for you guys...huhu. Anyway, 17Oct, anyone spotting? If can I want to join but maximum until 1pm only, sux right? This pattern however is better than the old 1. The old pattern is KCH-SIN-KCH-BKI followed by 3 hours transit at BKI then to KCH again!
  3. Nice! Thanks for the pictures. Now waiting for the high quality from MW members.
  4. The cabin looks new from your picture! I don't have cabin pictures
  5. I like the TU154 a lot. Never see it with my own eyes but should be quite big right? Nice pixies Uncle Pieter! Look forward for the TR!
  6. You are right. I'm a self sponsored student. Upon joining MAS, they still want to see my SPM result despite the ATPL and the result should be like the cadet entry requirement. Anyway, airlines can change their requirement overnight when there's really a shortage or if they just start up and desperate.
  7. I landed this aircraft. Sorry guys didn't inform, was too tired to hangout after 4 sectors MH 637/638 BKI-KCH-SIN-KCH-BKI.
  8. Glad you enjoyed the simulator session Hakan! Engaging reverse thrust during single engine landing is perfectly normal but you have to be extra careful especially when the runway is wet. We normally unlock both reverser but only increase reverse thrust on the operating engine.
  9. I got some memories on AK 733 as well mainly the cockpit visit. Sayonara AK B733! Anyone to Surabaya tomorrow?
  10. Alternatively, Kabel Takde Move-on Bebeh, or Mana Ada Saudara, hehehe....
  11. Besides the blog, I happened to watch him telling the same story live on Malaysia Hari Ini. I blame the interviewer with ' kesian@pity' attitude who picked up those 'talents'. Sometimes it takes more then training. You send them for 100 training courses also won't make any difference because they don't have passion in their work.
  12. Thanks for the pics bro! Definitely something new for me. I always thought they came as a whole, and lifted by crane. Turn out have to be assembled parts by parts!
  13. The 1 in the picture is airport chart. It looks like a small booklet. I'm not sure what kind of map the twin otter guys use for rural navigation but normal airliner use airways chart, this 1 is different from airport chart. It's big and fold according to the flight progress. Yes, that was a copy.
  14. Good luck bro! Hopefully the typhoon will subside soon. Check this out for weather update http://aviationweather.gov/obs/sat/intl/ The typhoon is currently at north of Taiwan.
  15. If you look carefully, that is original chart . Not self printed as it is not legal to be used on real flights. Even in the sim we use real world chart. BTW, Zainal Abidin onboard. What was the occasion Alan?
  16. Me got no friend on that flight. Loke, are you doing the ATR conversion?(if I got the right person )
  17. Power! Nice cockpit shots! I prefer that silver bluish cockpit as compared to dark brown on firefly.
  18. From Subang Jaya to Subang Airport by cab 5 years ago was RM12.
  19. I think Fokker has the modern cockpit look but the seats does look classy on this 1. Love the color scheme!
  20. During my training years, we have a few batches joined at the same time. So if all of the batches doing the same thing at the same time, then there will be underutilized of facilities meaning if everyone doing ground school, then the aircraft will be left at the tarmac. So to avoid this, each batch has got different training roster/plan. Some will be doing alternate training day, e.g ground school today,flying tomorrow. Some will be doing just ground school until they've cleared all the papers, and some will do PPL then continue with the papers. I joined the flying school with a PPL, so while my batchmates doing their PPL training, I already doing the CPL training flight. So doesn't really matter which 1 you do first as long as you complete everything. However its easier to cope with the ground subjects when you have initial flying experience.
  21. Hehe, yes, that would be fun! With some people opt for DC10, 747 classic, 727 I think fuel saving is not an issue when you're very rich!hehe... Anyway, this is hobby for the rich. I think if I can afford an aircraft, it'll probably be leased to flying club so that they take care of the parking and maintenance fee. The experimental aircraft I was flying only cost something like 200K. Even old Cessna also I believe we can get around that price. Don't expect tip top cockpit though. You'll probably equipped with standby compass as you compass, no AI or HSI.
  22. Minimum age to hold a PPL is 17 years old. I got my PPL at the age of 18 and flew with flying club for almost a year before joining flying academy for CPL course. In fact a friend of mine already a jumbo co pilot at the age of 21. So age is not a matter here. The risks is always there and when one sign up for the flying course, he/she is aware of the danger. However, the rising no of accidents from HMA is very alarming for a new flying school.
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