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  1. Eventually Malaysia will become like other countries whereby fresh grad has to fly general aviation first before landing a job with airlines.
  2. If you are within driving distance, I suggest you send your application directly to the office.
  3. Exactly. Drive on bumpy road, you will slowdown your car.Fly in turbulence, we'll slowdown the plane.. So normally when you hear engine sound winding down a bit, expect to get some turbulence in a few seconds as the pilots reduce the speed. The best way is like what Afiq said, avoid.
  4. I'm yet to try our first class seat....sob...sob..Hopefuly got chance paxing on jumbo.
  5. Business is 1 thing. How bout technical crew positioning as we are entitled for business class...huhu...
  6. LeeTZ, your last picture super duper poweerrr!
  7. How come quality so bad taikor? where's the aircraft? all so blurrr!!! I think 2nd picture is the worst! hahaha....kidding only aaa!
  8. Khaled


    No headache? I'll ask you again in a few months....hehehe.... Capt, A330 la, got table, can use mini tripod! hehe... BTW, why is it 777 out of question?
  9. Khaled


    Hmmm....tough choice I must say...!!! BTW, the midnight shuttle, no more spotting at work....heheh.... Honestly I like jumbo but since they might go full cargo ops, I'll choose A330 hoping that 1 day can go to A380 as well. A380 is ugly btw....
  10. You were at the right place at the right time to be seen by that engineer! Congratz for the pictures!
  11. Thank you very much Rozhan for sharing with us. Flying was a very classy thing to do.
  12. I used to tear off all the airline advert from readers digest and paste them in my scrap book when I was small.
  13. Capt Nik, MH staff can join the?
  14. Foreign License NOT RECOGNIZE. You'll have to do a conversion once you come back. Those days conversion cost aroun 50K, now should be close to 90K. Good luck!
  15. Very complicated yeah managing forum....heheheh... Anyway, how do we confirm that 'malaysia airlines' is actually an official from MH....can it be just snother tony fernandez? BTW, tony don't get angry ok....i just think your LABU theory sux.
  16. Yes! I'm wondering how was it those days. All different planes, different clothing...must be fun!
  17. I view a pax showing his fist up as a threat and I wouldn't want to have him onboard unless he is restrained. I don't see how MH crew can tolerate such risk. So with best view of the cabin crew which I believe is competent in making decision, the story might have been exaggerated.
  18. MAS has dealt with this kind situation many times. As long as the pax showed violent act such as fist up, the cabin crew can restrained the pax after a verbal warning which obviously was not done. A deportee will normally be escorted on any flight. I can guarantee that the capt was not informed of the situation.
  19. Thanks guys! After experienced the first system intro in the sim, I've no regret going to this fleet. It definitely is 1 of the most beautiful design in commercial airplane, the cockpit itself is very spacious and the automation is awesome(please excuse my 'jakun'ness)hehe... Be it 777,747 or A330, they don't matter much to me. I've gone thru the long way of becoming an airline pilot as compared to normal cadet and for me to get here, is something I've never thought I could achieved. My dream goal is still far away and dunno whether it can be achieved or not but I believe the journey itself is the most interesting part, not the ultimate goal.
  20. Instead of Labu, they should name it Tony International Airport. Code will be WmTF.
  21. BTW, SRS = Speed Reference System which will command the pitch bar to achieve V2+10 or V2 when when engine fails. Auto Thrust Blue= Auto Thrust is in armed mode, ready to be engaged at acceleration altitude. Then move the Thrust Levers to CLB detent, and A/THR now turns white. Semangat beb!!!
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